What is “Low-Code” App Development? And Why Should Businesses Care?

The UK-based insurer LV= (formerly Liverpool Victoria) was facing a technical challenge. A period of rapid growth, including numerous acquisitions, had swamped its IT department with legacy systems and a backlog of demand to support those systems. Saddled with maintenance tasks and struggling to rationalize its IT infrastructure, LV= was missing opportunities to develop innovative new products–and capitalize on all that exciting growth.

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Early Lessons from 100 Apple Watch Owners

Apple Watch 3There has been plenty of hype over the last few months about the Apple Watch, the tech giant’s first big new product in five years and its first-ever wearable. But there’s been very little independent research so far about exactly how early adopters are using the device.

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Is Your Security Operation Hooked On Malware?

It may seem counterintuitive, but an overzealous focus on malware may be preventing you from detecting even bigger threats. Read More


The Fastest-Growing SaaS Unicorn You Haven’t Thought About

At the beginning of this year, I wrote a short post outlining a few predictions I have about how enterprise software is going to evolve in 2015. We’re at the halfway point, so let’s evaluate a few of them.

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I believe that opportunity is something you manufacture, not something you wait for. Entrepreneurship is really all about creating your own opportunities.

Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter, in Harvard Business Review, June 2015

Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: MSG Is Not Just for Chinese Food Anymore


You’ve perhaps heard of the LAMP stack, the standard web-service building blocks of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Now there’s a new superstar technology stack on the rise: MSG.

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Go to GOTO in London to Shore Up Your Agile, Lean and Rugged Development Skills


Competitive pressures have pushed speed of software development to become one of the highest priorities for businesses today.

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Be Intentional About Culture—and Pick Your VCs Wisely: Lessons from Marketo’s Phil Fernandez

In the final installments of our Phil Fernandez SaaS Adventure video series, the Marketo CEO talks with Battery’s Neeraj Agrawal about building a healthy company culture; encouraging diversity; picking a great VC; and, finally, the thrill of going public. Read More

Are VC Services Really Over-Hyped? The Story of One Firm’s Middle Path

This post originally ran on VentureBeat.

VC Superman

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

On VentureBeat earlier this month, a European venture capitalist took some U.S. VCs to task for hyping “portfolio-support platforms” and other value-added services, presumably to the exclusion of old-fashioned company building. He derided investors who push a “bouquet of generic operational support resources” and warned entrepreneurs to be skeptical of these offerings—implying that young companies don’t need such services to bloom.

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