Why Dell Couldn’t Ignore Glassdoor


Like many companies, Dell ignored Glassdoor at first. Wasn’t Glassdoor a social platform for people to just complain about their jobs? Isn’t it a small site with users just based in the United States? Wouldn’t directly engaging with users that had negative experiences open us up to even more criticism? After committing to a partnership with Glassdoor over 18 months ago, our experience has been dramatically different.

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More on MarTech: Why Do VCs Love #MarTech? It’s Simple –$22B of Global Value Creation and Counting

Last week, Scott Brinker (@chiefmartech), editor of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog, published this Q&A about opportunities in the online-marketing sector.  Thanks Scott for your kind words at the beginning of the article.

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Wake Up, Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

The Web is bringing a sea change in terms of what shoppers expect, no matter where they shop.

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#TBT: Who Let the Dogs Out? Thirteen Year-Old Blog Post Presages Datacenter Innovations


The Baha Men.

In April 2001, Battery published this blog post about the dawning age of scale-out computing and huge datacenters. This was pre-VMWare and pre-Amazon Web Services. The piece outlined an investment thesis that led to the formation of BladeLogic, a seminal, datacenter automation company Battery helped create and build.

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Talking Financial Tech in Tel Aviv


On Oct. 30, Battery General Partner Itzik Parnafes took part in a panel discussion about trends in financial technology at the annual Ernst & Young Journey conference in Tel Aviv. Participants at the event–billed as Israel’s largest business conference–debated just how much, and how quickly, the financial industry will be disrupted by new technologies.

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Smart People on Ice: Raj Patel of Pinterest Talks Being a Perpetual Student of Technology

In this week’s “Smart People on Ice” video, host Alex Benik sits down with Raj Patel, the head of cloud engineering at Pinterest to discuss his career in tech. Spanning companies such as Pacific Bell, Exodus, Yahoo! and Cisco, Raj’s work has intersected with some of the most notable technologies and trends of our time. Read More

Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Don’t Make the Mobile Web a Stepchild

Catchpoint1GraphicToday’s business-software entrepreneurs must start out mobile-first, building an elegant, simple mobile app before dealing with the desktop. (It’s a topic I wrote about in a previous “Playbook” post.) And while it’s always preferable to access a product via a company-specific, mobile app—instead of a mobile-optimized website found through a  browser on a phone or tablet—that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs should ignore the mobile web altogether.

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From Mad Men to Math Men: Battery’s Marketing-Tech Thesis

The following is a re-print of an interview recently conducted between Scott Brinker, founder of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog, and Neeraj Agrawal, a Battery general partner who has invested in many mar-tech companies.

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Smart People on Ice: Twitter’s Andy Gross, Part Two—Lessons Learned Professionally and Personally

Here’s the second half of Alex Benik’s “Smart People on Ice” interview with Andy Gross, staff software engineer at Twitter. Alex and Andy continue their discussion about the evolution of Andy’s career in building distributed systems, and Andy shares lessons he learned both professionally and personally by providing advice to the next generation of distributed-systems engineers and entrepreneurs. Read More

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