The Third Wave: Enterprise-IT Opportunity in the Age of Mobile Apps, Hyperscale Cloud and Big Data

I am excited to join the Battery Ventures team this week to double down on our enterprise-infrastructure practice and West Coast presence. More broadly, I believe there could not be a more exciting time to build an enterprise- software company today as three macro trends – mobile apps, cloud services, and big data–converge to potentially disrupt over $150 billion in annual enterprise-IT spend and over $1 trillion in market cap.

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Smart People on Ice: JR Rivers and Nolan Leake On Founding Cumulus Networks, Part Two

In the second half of Alex Benik’s “Smart People on Ice” segment with JR Rivers and Nolan Leake, the co-founders of Cumulus Networks discuss the company’s genesis, the current ecosystem they are building and advice for young entrepreneurs.

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Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Big Data Meets HR

HR Post

Big data has permeated almost all aspects of the enterprise today—from sales and marketing to product management to back-end IT. Now, the smartest companies are using big data to help fuel next-generation HR operations. Read More

What 2015 Has In Store For Native Ads, TV And Email Marketing

Succeeding as a modern, high-tech marketer means adapting to accelerating changes in technology — whether that’s leveraging Facebook’s newest features, segmenting customers with even more granularity or finding a new platform for viral distribution before the rest of the business world takes notice.

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Enterprise Software in 2015: Bubbles, Box and Kim Jong-un


It was a busy and fruitful year for enterprise-software companies: Zendesk, HortonWorks and New Relic went public, while privately-held heavyweights like Box, Nutanix, Atlassian, Palantir, AppDynamics* and Cloudera pushed beyond $1 billion valuations. As we look forward to 2015, it’s clear we’ll see more enterprise action in the public and private arenas (and more cyber-terrorism, but more on that later).

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It absolutely makes it easier to write applications.

Eric Brewer, Google's VP for computer infrastructure, on software "containers", in the New York Times.

Smart People on Ice: JR Rivers and Nolan Leake On Founding Cumulus Networks

In Alex Benik’s latest “Smart People on Ice” segment he sits down with JR Rivers and Nolan Leake, the co-founders of Cumulus Networks. In the video, Rivers and Leake share stories about their early careers in the networking industry, the evolution of the networking market, and how they came to meet at Nuova Systems, a networking equipment company that was acquired by Cisco in 2008.

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Santa Big Data

The Online Retailer’s Christmas Wish List: More Data, More Analytics, More Bandwidth

The turkey leftovers are long gone and the holiday shopping season is moving into crunch mode. And though Thanksgiving-weekend retail sales were a little disappointing, I’m more intrigued by—and upbeat about—an emerging, high-tech aspect of this annual winter spending orgy: the smart use of big data.

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