“We Hit an Amazing Buzzsaw . . .” Phil Fernandez of Marketo on Building a Marketing-Software Pioneer

Building a billion-dollar SaaS company is an arduous journey, and entails a tough climb to the top of your respective market. Battery General Partner Neeraj Agrawal is analyzing the ins-and-outs—and ups and downs—of this exhilarating process for entrepreneurs in a series of “SaaS Adventure” blog posts and, now, video interviews with successful SaaS CEOs. Read More

I Am Not a Booth Babe. Ask Me a Question about Replicating VMs in the Hypervisor.



My colleague was at a tech-industry trade show earlier this year helping a prospective customer evaluate our technology.

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UnicornTech: The Marketing Technologies Supporting $1 Billion+ Valuation Companies

Privately-held companies with valuations of over a billion dollars, often referred to in the tech world as unicorns, are attracting a lot of attention these days. Engineers want to work for them, venture capitalists want to back them (the earlier the better), and a whole host of marketing-technology companies want to sell their services to them.

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VCs Parse Biggest Cybersecurity Threats


Venture capitalists are well-versed in “as-a-service” investments these days—the software-as-a-service, platform-as-service, and infrastructure-as-a-service companies made possible by the cloud.

But what about “malware-as-a-service”?

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Micro-Services and a Meal in Boston

Bar Boulud

One prominent theme at the recent O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference in Boston was small.

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Why an Open Salary Policy Always Beats Secrecy


For four years, journalists and entrepreneurs have asked me why we created an open salary policy at my company. Here’s the answer: it prevents evil. Open salary policies mandate truthfulness and ethical behavior in organizations that would otherwise abuse the secrecy. “Transparency” is just a hollow buzzword unless executives are candid about compensation.

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Warbling Like It’s 1989: Gainsight Video Highlights Gaping “Blank Space” in the Software Stack

Wondering what’s missing from your customer-lifecycle management software stack? Well, software company Gainsight—via Taylor Swift—has a new idea: It’s customer-success software! Read More

The SaaS Adventure: Helping Entrepreneurs “Triple, Triple, Double, Double, Double” to a Billion-Dollar Company


“What does it take to build a billion-dollar, SaaS enterprise-software company?” I hear this question a lot in my work as a tech investor, and it’s incredibly tough to answer. I bet mountain climbers feel the same way when they’re asked how they conquered a major summit.

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More on Midas: Analyzing VC Winners Over Time In Terms of Background, Diversity and Geography


Forbes magazine’s annual Midas List ranking of top VC dealmakers will be out next week—and Forbes writers, as well as a few ambitious quants, will undoubtedly slice and dice the data to analyze every possible angle.

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