Scaling, Expanding Overseas and Figuring Out Freemium: Marketo CEO Fernandez on the SaaS Adventure

How, as a SaaS company, do you validate product-market fit? Scale a sales team? And successfully expand your business overseas? Marketo CEO Phil Fernandez continues his discussion on these topics and others in his “SaaS Adventure” video interview with Battery’s Neeraj Agrawal. You can view the first three segments of the discussion here.

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You’ve Heard of the Netflix Chaos Monkey? We Propose, for Cyber-Security, an “Infected Monkey”

A couple of years ago Netflix introduced a concept called the “Simian Army”. The idea was to implement a bunch of open-source, automated processes that tested the Netflix cloud’s resilience to various failure scenarios.

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Closing the Deal: Mark Leslie, John Kaplan Anchor First-Ever Battery Sales Summit

"2015.05.06 Battery Ventures Sales Summit"

Earlier in May, tech-industry CEOs and top sales executives gathered at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco to hear insights from industry sales leaders and share best practices at the first-ever Battery Ventures Sales Summit. The event drew nearly 100 attendees and offered hands-on advice for fine-tuning sales processes, smartly growing sales teams, improving sales messaging and better connecting with customer pain points, among other topics.

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Expanding Your Business to the U.K.? How to Manage Corporate Brand and Perception Across the Pond


Managing your company’s public perception in the U.S. is complex. But for U.S.-based technology companies looking to expand internationally, the United Kingdom presents a host of new marketing and branding challenges. Citizens in the U.K., for example, are three times more likely to view American technology companies as exploitative than trustworthy, a recent survey conducted by global communications firm Brunswick Group found.

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“We Hit an Amazing Buzzsaw . . .” Phil Fernandez of Marketo on Building a Marketing-Software Pioneer

Building a billion-dollar SaaS company is an arduous journey, and entails a tough climb to the top of your respective market. Battery General Partner Neeraj Agrawal is analyzing the ins-and-outs—and ups and downs—of this exhilarating process for entrepreneurs in a series of “SaaS Adventure” blog posts and, now, video interviews with successful SaaS CEOs. Read More

I Am Not a Booth Babe. Ask Me a Question about Replicating VMs in the Hypervisor.



My colleague was at a tech-industry trade show earlier this year helping a prospective customer evaluate our technology.

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UnicornTech: The Marketing Technologies Supporting $1 Billion+ Valuation Companies

Privately-held companies with valuations of over a billion dollars, often referred to in the tech world as unicorns, are attracting a lot of attention these days. Engineers want to work for them, venture capitalists want to back them (the earlier the better), and a whole host of marketing-technology companies want to sell their services to them.

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VCs Parse Biggest Cybersecurity Threats


Venture capitalists are well-versed in “as-a-service” investments these days—the software-as-a-service, platform-as-service, and infrastructure-as-a-service companies made possible by the cloud.

But what about “malware-as-a-service”?

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