Should You Shift Your Enterprise Software Company’s Fiscal Year?


Do twelve sequential months always add up to one fiscal year? Technically yes, but we’ve recently observed that not all sequences seem to be created equal.

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Seven Enterprise IT Trends to Watch in 2016


Worlds created entirely of clouds. “Unicorns” racing through new landscapes. Data moving faster than the speed of light.

For those of you who don’t work in enterprise technology, this may sound like a fantasy world—or a little like the latest Star Wars movie. But based on my experience as an enterprise-tech investor, first at Intel Capital and now at Battery Ventures, I predict a few of these far-fetched scenarios could become reality in 2016. Here’s a closer look at seven enterprise-tech trends I believe will hit their stride in the coming year.

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Anatomy Of A Successful SaaS Company Founder

How do you build a billion-dollar SaaS enterprise software company? For one thing, you might start with a CEO who looks less like Box’s youthful Aaron Levie and more like Salesforce’s Marc Benioff—and stick with him for the long term. The current obsession with millennials running things doesn’t pencil out when it comes to one particularly important slice of the tech economy.

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A Bubbly Late-Stage Market? The Data Tells the Story

So: Are we in a late-stage, private-market tech bubble or not?

It’s the talk of Silicon Valley today. Many investors and executives are fretting about the rise of pre-IPO company valuations, while the IPO markets themselves—and the stock performance of newly public companies—have been less than robust. True, a select few technology companies have managed to go public over the last few months. But most of their IPOs have been valued at levels very close to their last private-market rounds—meaning many late-stage investors in these companies aren’t making much money.

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Outdoor (Advertising) is the New Black


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Big cities like San Francisco and New York are digital meccas, home to many of the world’s largest technology startups—and to hordes of smartphone-toting, app-using consumers. But when it comes to making a name for themselves, many of the companies hoping to influence these techie urbanites are going decidedly analog.

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Why Hasn’t the Traditional Banking Industry Been “Amazon-ed”?

This post was written by Battery team members Roger Lee, Ben Johnston and Jeff Lu.

In the last two decades, dozens of traditional industries have been “Amazoned”—turned upside down by new business models made possible by the Internet.

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Four Secrets to Giving a Speech Worthy of a Standing Ovation


We all know a great speech when we hear one. Your breath catches in your throat; you forget the world beyond the auditorium’s walls. You don’t check your phone or fidget. You just listen.

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Oct. 3, 1965: The Day that Changed the U.S. Technology Landscape

The 50Th anniversary of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 just occurred earlier this month. Not many people talk about this act today, but it has had a dramatic impact on the nation’s immigration and ethnic composition, as well as on U.S. technology and innovation more broadly.  And of course, I would have lived a totally different life without this groundbreaking legislation.

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