A Q&A with Neeraj Agrawal from NASDAQ’s #MeetaVC Campaign

NA Nasdaq photo for PoweredPhoto courtesy of Nasdaq

*This Q&A originally appeared on Nasdaq’s website as part of their #MeetaVC campaign. The campaign highlights venture capitalists and their partnership with transformative entrepreneurs.

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Brightree and the Vertical Cloud Revolution

icon-saasWhen most people think of business software, they think of offerings from big companies—Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, even Salesforce—used by companies across industries. A transportation company or a retail outfit could use Oracle’s well-known database software, for instance. And companies in fields as diverse as healthcare and finance today tap Microsoft’s ubiquitous Office suite to write documents and send emails.

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How Deep is Your Learning?

*This article originally appeared in Forbes

When the virtual assistant Siri showed up on iPhones four years ago, the technology felt like the first glimpse of those scary-smart, talking robots you’ve been reading about in science fiction for years. A machine that could answer any question you had, from who won the 1968 World Series to the location of your nearest dry cleaner? And even pick music for you? Amazing (though perhaps not that weighty).

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Enterprise Cloud Computing

Cloud at Scale – Is Google Ready for Enterprise Yet?

Google made a series of announcements today at its Google Cloud Platform GCPNext event in San Francisco, and, notably, recently signed up Spotify to run on its platform. But I found the event somewhat disappointing; I expected more new product announcements and a clearer focus on mainstream enterprise adoption. More broadly, I think Google’s nascent platform—despite a recent Amazon Web Services (AWS) defection by Dropbox and a move by Apple to shift some work to Google—shows that AWS continues to be dominant in cloud computing, and Google will have to work even harder to catch up.

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Leadership Is About Being Fearless, But Also Constantly Scared: Insights from Sprinklr COO Carlos Dominguez

Following a successful 20-year career at Cisco, many people in Carlos Dominguez’s shoes would have hung up their jersey. However, Dominguez decided to do the opposite: he left the established technology giant and jumped into the startup arena, becoming president and chief operating officer at Sprinklr*, a social-media management company, where he previously served on the board of directors for four years.
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Veeva CEO Peter Gassner on Becoming an Industry Cloud Leader


As part of our SaaS Adventure series, focused on successful SaaS founders, we recently sat down with Peter Gassner, the CEO of Veeva. As many of our SaaS-focused readers likely know, Veeva was founded by Peter and Matt Wallach in 2007 to address the lack of purpose-built solutions in the cloud for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Building a Vibrant Community and Making Sales: How Open Source Can Be Profitable

Structure Data panelPHOTO2

In early March, top enterprise-technology executives gathered for a panel discussion at the Structure Data conference in San Francisco to discuss how to build thriving communities of open-source developers–and create commercially successful businesses at the same time.

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From Bin Laden to San Bernadino: Insights on Security From Former Top CIA, DOD Aide Jeremy Bash

2016.03.01 Battery Ventures RSA Dinner 2016

Jeremy Bash, Founder and Managing Director of Beacon Global Strategies, speaking at Battery Ventures’ RSA Dinner

Last week’s massive RSA conference in San Francisco plumbed many of today’s hot-button, cybersecurity issues, from encryption to malware to security threats posed by the newfangled “Internet of Things”. A roomful of executives active in the cybersecurity arena heard a related, but slightly different take on some of these topics last Tuesday at dinner hosted by Battery Ventures. Read More


Dining and Deep Learning

In early March, Battery Ventures hosted a dinner in Tel Aviv focused on the emerging topic of “deep learning”, a more-complex version of “machine learning” that is more akin to true artificial intelligence. The participants–including executives from big companies and startups, as well as academics–discussed deep learning’s potential in industries as diverse as cybersecurity, agriculture and medicine.

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