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The Secretive Israeli Army Unit that Recruits Like Harvard—And Churns Out High-Profile Startups

There is a common thread running through many of Israel’s most innovative tech startups, and some of the venture-capital firms that fund them: an elite Israeli military group called Unit 8200.

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The Founding CEO Transition: Doing it Right

HandshakeAs a venture capitalist I have lived through many founder/CEO transitions–instances in which a founder moves on to a new role inside a company, and a new leader comes in to assume the CEO role.

It’s never a completely seamless process. And there’s been plenty written about whether this transition is even a good idea in the first place: Read More

SaaS Adventure Video: AppDynamics’ Jyoti Bansal on Nailing Product-Market Fit, Scaling Sales and Expanding Internationally

What does it take to build a standout enterprise SaaS company? In the latest installment of our SaaS Adventure video series, Battery Ventures General Partner Neeraj Agrawal sits down with Jyoti Bansal, founder and CEO of leading application-intelligence company AppDynamics, to explore the question. Bansal has rapidly grown AppDynamics from a tiny startup to a large industry player in just seven years.

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Have a Hot Technology Start-up? Thank Comrade Gorbachev–and Liberty


It has now been 25 years since Mikhail Gorbachev, with his Soviet Union crumbling, decided to open the emigration gates and allow 1.6 million Jews to leave for Israel, Germany and the United States.

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Are You in the Market to Buy?


It’s the holy grail of B2B marketing: Reaching prospective customers when they’re “in market” to buy a product or service. These days, this usually involves harnessing predictive analytics to locate the right customer at exactly the right time, then targeting them with the perfect message.

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horses hooves taken at horse race

Choose More Diverse Boards

A few weeks ago, we were approached by a prominent Silicon Valley executive we both know, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, about helping her with a project called Boardlist to increase the number of women on private-company boards.

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The State of the Cloud 2015: A Review of Industry Milestones and Future Predictions

Update on Cloud Trends

Delivering “Cloud Trends 2015,” an update on the ecosystem, at the D&B Cloud Innovation Center in Vancouver, July 2015.

In June 2014 I presented “Cloud Trends,” a presentation on the state of the cloud computing industry at the Gigaom Structure conference. At that time I tried to show both the current state of the cloud computing ecosystem as well as provide my predictions for how the industry would evolve over the new few years. Now, a year later, I’m revisiting those points to see if they stand up to scrutiny. And as cloud computing continues to accelerate the pace of innovation, I also have a few new predictions to share.

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Big Data

Is Big Data Delivering Big Value…Yet?

There has been tremendous buzz around “Big Data” fueled by the exploding volume, variety and velocity of data from mobile devices and social networks on one hand, and the ability to crunch this data using high-density compute on the other hand. The impact of analyzing the data firehose could be very rewarding in many verticals. McKinsey estimates that over $300B in value can be extracted by the US healthcare system using big data, more than double the total annual healthcare spending of Spain, and $600B in consumer surplus can be potentially generated by using unstructured location data wisely. Read More

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