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Who Doesn’t Like Lock-In?

That was my opening line at an OpenStack technology summit presentation I delivered last year. Many people raised their hands after I asked the question. I followed up by asking, “How many of you are also married?” The remaining people looked uncomfortable, so of course I made a joke about the Ashley Madison website, which facilitates extra-marital affairs. (It was funny at the time, when the site had just been hacked and cheaters were being publicly exposed.)

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Do You Really Know Why Your Customers are Churning?


In previous posts I’ve written about the critical value of “customer success” for technology companies—tracking, retaining and upselling existing customers. Plenty of vendors are now offering sophisticated technologies in this area, allowing companies to get up-to-the-minute data and advanced analytics detailing which customers are happy and engaged with their products, and which are not. Those that are not, of course, are in danger of defecting to competitors.

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Avoiding “Innovation Tourism”: How to Successfully Partner With Venture Capitalists and Tap the Innovation Economy


Most large companies know they need to stay on top of emerging technology trends, and closely track the startups successfully commercializing them. One way to narrow the universe of potential startup partners is to interact with a venture-capital firm that backs promising young companies.

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Continuously Reinvent Yourself, Be Thoughtful about Board Culture: Advice from Carlos Dominguez, Sprinklr

Prior to joining Sprinklr* full time in February 2015, Carlos Dominguez sat on the social-media-management company’s board for 4 years, as well as on the boards of a handful of other companies during his more than 20-year career at Cisco. Through those experiences, he’s gained insight into the subtle nuances that create a positive board dynamic.

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Updated SaaS Success

Battery SaaS Success Database–Q1 2016 Update

Given all the tumult in public markets recently, we were curious to update our SaaS Success Database, our proprietary Battery list of private, public and acquired SaaS-company standouts.

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A Q&A with Neeraj Agrawal from NASDAQ’s #MeetaVC Campaign

NA Nasdaq photo for PoweredPhoto courtesy of Nasdaq

*This Q&A originally appeared on Nasdaq’s website as part of their #MeetaVC campaign. The campaign highlights venture capitalists and their partnership with transformative entrepreneurs.

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Brightree and the Vertical Cloud Revolution

icon-saasWhen most people think of business software, they think of offerings from big companies—Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, even Salesforce—used by companies across industries. A transportation company or a retail outfit could use Oracle’s well-known database software, for instance. And companies in fields as diverse as healthcare and finance today tap Microsoft’s ubiquitous Office suite to write documents and send emails.

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How Deep is Your Learning?

*This article originally appeared in Forbes

When the virtual assistant Siri showed up on iPhones four years ago, the technology felt like the first glimpse of those scary-smart, talking robots you’ve been reading about in science fiction for years. A machine that could answer any question you had, from who won the 1968 World Series to the location of your nearest dry cleaner? And even pick music for you? Amazing (though perhaps not that weighty).

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Cloud at Scale – Is Google Ready for Enterprise Yet?


Google made a series of announcements today at its Google Cloud Platform GCPNext event in San Francisco, and, notably, recently signed up Spotify to run on its platform.

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