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Alogent Deposit Automation Solutions help financial institutions reduce costs, increase transaction processing efficiencies, generate revenue, mitigate fraud, and optimize the customer experience from any point of presentment — whether it is in-person at the branch, online, or on-the-go. Alogent Deposit Automation Solutions have been successfully deployed and proven at some of the largest, most sophisticated financial institutions in the world. They provide exceptional scalability, usability, integration capabilities, and control to financial institutions in support of enterprise image capture strategies.

In August 2016 Alogent merged with Bluepoint Solutions, a financial technology company based in Henderson, NV. The merger creates a leading financial technology platform, serving tier-1 banks, community banks and credit unions.

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What Alogent is all about

What Alogent is all about.

Alogent Speaks to Nasdaq at Battery’s Leadership Summit

Alogent CEO Speaks to Nasdaq at Battery's Leadership Summit 2018.