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Buyout Power, with Bikes: CEOs Discuss M&A, Europe, Debt at Offsite


This week, nine top executives from Battery’s buyout portfolio gathered in Boulder, Colo. for a two-day retreat focused on cultivating best practices in today’s somewhat unpredictable—but mostly favorable—global economic climate.

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Video: Sam Shank on High-Supply Marketplaces and the Power of Three

In the second half of Jeff Lu’s interview with HotelTonight Co-Founder and CEO Sam Shank, Shank discusses the mechanics of HotelTonight’s high-supply marketplace and how the company taps into customer demand for all those empty hotel rooms. The keys:  A laser-like focus and quarterly product planning. The CEO also stresses the importance of being authentic and building a truly distinctive product, not just a copycat.


What Your Smartphone Says About You

Do you prefer wine or beer?  Just show us your smartphone, and we’ll probably know the answer. Consider yourself religious, or not? Blue collar or white collar? The difference in response may also be  as close as your pocket or purse.

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Secrets of the Code Conference



Entrepreneur’s dream: Animoto’s Brad Jefferson with Walt Mossberg

One of the perennial marketing conundrums facing start-up CEOs is picking the best industry conferences to attend to boost their companies’ brands and expand their networks. This week, some lucky entrepreneurs dropped in on what may be the gold standard for tech-industry confabs: The Code Conference.

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We missed the tablet. We missed that transition . . . We have to move where the market's moving.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, at the Code Conference, May 28, 2014

We see folks at traditional computing companies, and we can’t even have the same conversation anymore . . . They’re just not learning what we do about power and software when we get past one million servers.

David Campbell, CTO, Server & Tools, Microsoft, in the New York Times, June 11, 2014

Gov. Deval Patrick Headlines Mass. Business Delegation Visiting Israel


Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick (third from left) with members of the Battery Ventures team.

Deval Patrick, governor of Massachusetts, led an “innovation mission” to Israel in late May that included over 100 leaders in industry and academia. One stop was a breakfast at Battery Ventures’ office in Herzliya, at which the governor spoke with leading local venture capitalists and entrepreneurs about the growing ties between innovative Israeli companies in Massachusetts.

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6Sense, Duetto Sweep DataBeat Awards


Two Battery Ventures companies–predictive-analytics engine 6Sense Inc. and Duetto, a SaaS-based, revenue-strategy company for the travel and hospitality industry–swept the DataBeat Innovation Showdown awards during the conference in San Francisco in May. 6Sense, which launched at the conference, took the early-stage award, while Duetto won the midstage category. Above are 6Sense CEO Amanda Kahlow and Marco Benvenuti, Duetto’s co-founder and chief analytics and product officer.

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