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Why a Little Bureaucracy Works–Even at a Startup


Part of what drives many entrepreneurs to create innovative new companies is a fanatical need to cut out red tape wherever it exists. At HotelTonight, we’re no different. Among other things, it’s what compelled us to cut the hotel booking process down to three taps and a swipe on a phone, compared to the hundreds of taps it can take on competitor apps.

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Powered by Battery: Your Reading Guide


Welcome to Powered by Battery, a new source of ideas, insights and introductions for entrepreneurs seeking to smartly grow their businesses.

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The Basic Guide to SEO: Six Ways to Optimize Your Blog


Welcome to Part One of what will be a long-running series on the ins-and-outs of search-engine optimization. In this post, I’m going to provide some very specific tips and tricks for building an SEO strategy to optimize a company blog.

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Our view is that IT doesn't spend any money. What we do is make investments around growth and enablement.

Ralph Loura, newly named CIO of Clorox, in the Wall Street Journal

Video: Sprig’s Gagan Biyani on Taking the Ego out of Entrepreneurship

In part two of Jeff Lu’s interview with Sprig CEO Gagan Biyani, Biyani focuses on the importance of listening to your customer, and realizing that your first business idea may not be the right one.

Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: The End of Dumb Software


For all the technological advances of our time, business software is still profoundly dumb. Most enterprise software simply serves as a tool to get a particular job done faster or more efficiently, but few applications are really “smart”. True smart enterprise apps leverage ‘Big Data’ and predictive analytics to spot patterns, draw conclusions and deliver insights. Most important, big data software learns and adapts itself to make end-users more productive. More of these smart big data apps are coming, however — and it’s about time.

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Battery Book Club: Taking Risks, Doing Math and Staying Focused–What Every Entrepreneur Can Learn From “The Everything Store”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took some flak after the publication last year of author Brad Stone’s  richly reported book “The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon.” Some critics said the book showed Bezos to be tyrannical–a brilliant dictator, but not someone you’d necessarily want to work for. Bezos’s wife MacKenzie even trashed the book in a one-star review she posted on (of course) Amazon.com, calling it a “lopsided and misleading portrait” of her husband and the company. Read More

The Hummus-Baked Bean Connection, or How an Israeli Learned to Love Boston


What is it about the Israel-Boston connection that works so well in the world of tech startups?

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The Real Story Behind the Cloud Price War

As part of my opening keynote March 31 at Cloud Connect in Las Vegas, I summarized the latest moves in cloud computing, including the recent price cuts by the major public-cloud vendors: Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft.

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