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Stop the Presses: How One Tech Start-Up Answered the Call of Content Marketing

How does a growing tech start-up play the current, red-hot “content-marketing” trend? If you’re StellaService, you go native—and set up your own newsroom.

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Why Every Enterprise Startup Needs a Killer UX Team


Who’s the hottest hire in Silicon Valley today? No, it’s not the data scientist, mobile app engineer, or digital marketer; it’s a user experience designer. Today, if your enterprise app isn’t beautiful, simple, elegant, and easy-to-use from day one, your company has little hope of becoming a billion-dollar business. Design is everything.

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Smart People on Ice: Adam Jacob, the Dalai Lama of DevOps

Today we debut a new video feature on Powered by Battery called “Smart People on Ice”. The phrase is a line from the 1985 movie Real Genius, the classic comedy which chronicled the exploits and hijinks of a group of precocious youths at fictional California university, modeled on CalTech.  Our Smart People series features conversations with leading technologists from across the technology stack discussing how they first fell in love with  technology, their early days with computers, and their evolution as technologists and entrepreneurs.  

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Adaptive vs. Responsive Web Design: Which One is Right for Your Business?

Given the rise of mobile Web browsing, the practice of maintaining multiple versions of a website, under multiple URLs, to serve people using various mobile devices is already on its way out. The responsive Web design (RWD) revolution is upon us in full force, and in fact is already being expanded. But what does it mean for your business?

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Buyout Power, with Bikes: CEOs Discuss M&A, Europe, Debt at Offsite


This week, nine top executives from Battery’s buyout portfolio gathered in Boulder, Colo. for a two-day retreat focused on cultivating best practices in today’s somewhat unpredictable—but mostly favorable—global economic climate.

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Video: Sam Shank on High-Supply Marketplaces and the Power of Three

In the second half of Jeff Lu’s interview with HotelTonight Co-Founder and CEO Sam Shank, Shank discusses the mechanics of HotelTonight’s high-supply marketplace and how the company taps into customer demand for all those empty hotel rooms. The keys:  A laser-like focus and quarterly product planning. The CEO also stresses the importance of being authentic and building a truly distinctive product, not just a copycat.


What Your Smartphone Says About You

Do you prefer wine or beer?  Just show us your smartphone, and we’ll probably know the answer. Consider yourself religious, or not? Blue collar or white collar? The difference in response may also be  as close as your pocket or purse.

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Secrets of the Code Conference



Entrepreneur’s dream: Animoto’s Brad Jefferson with Walt Mossberg

One of the perennial marketing conundrums facing start-up CEOs is picking the best industry conferences to attend to boost their companies’ brands and expand their networks. This week, some lucky entrepreneurs dropped in on what may be the gold standard for tech-industry confabs: The Code Conference.

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