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Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Skip the Salesforce and Go Freemium to Build a $1 Billion Business

Can you build a billion-dollar enterprise software company without a sales force? Today, not only is that possible, it’s preferable – at least for some types of software companies.

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Smart People on Ice: Shapiro, Leventhal, Part Two–What Fosters True Innovation and Risk-Taking in Tech

In part two of Alex Benik’s “Smart People on Ice” video with Mike Shapiro and Adam Leventhal, the two discuss the culture of innovation at their former employer, Sun Microsystems, and which new companies are fostering the same type of innovation and risk-taking.

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“Own” Something, Whether You’re Killing Germs or Hosting Servers


As a businessperson, my career has spanned many disciplines: Law, electronic publishing, cloud computing and, now, germ-zapping robots. (Really. More on that later.)  But each of these work experiences has convinced me of the value of one, overriding business lesson: Companies succeed when they have a very clearly defined purpose, and focus tightly on carving out a key differentiator that separates them from the rest of the market in an easy-to-understand way.

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Whitepaper: From Farm to Fork–Investment Opportunities in Food Safety

Food safety is a huge and growing global problem, one that is sickening millions and costing governments and industries billions of dollars.  In the U.S. alone, one in six people, or 48 million, are struck down each year from foodborne diseases; 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die[i].

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Data wrangling is a huge--and surprisingly so--part of the job . . . It's something that is not appreciated by data civilians. At times, it feels like everything we do.

Monica Rogati, VP for data science at Jawbone, on the "janitorial" nature of much big-data work, in the New York Times, Aug. 17, 2014

Battery EIR Jonathan Sills Talks Mobile’s “Dirty Secret” at GrowthBeat Conference


Image Credit: Michael O’Donnell/VentureBeat

Mobile is still one of the hottest investing trends going. But how can mobile companies flourish when so many users don’t generate any revenue?

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Moving Beyond “Perimeter” Security to Thwart Hackers


Online security breaches are all over the news today—giant companies ranging from Target to eBay have been hacked. It proves that so-called “perimeter” security, or trying to set up firewalls to prevent intrusions, is no longer enough to protect most companies. Given the sophistication of modern attacks, enterprises must shift their posture to assume they have already been breached by actors who have legitimate credentials.  Put another way: The bad guys are already inside you.

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Cloud Computing Concept

Agile Enterprise Architecture Finally Crosses the Chasm–Adrian Cockcroft Forbes Interview

In my first article for Forbes, I asked whether Enterprise Architecture (EA) was completely broken. My conclusion: executives seeking digital transformations of their organizations require a more agile approach to architecture than traditional EA has been able to offer. Instead, architects must treat the enterprise itself as a complex system, driving business agility as an emergent property of the organization as a whole.

Perhaps the best example of a company that has succeeded with this agile approach to architecture is NetflixNetflix is well-known in technology circles for its industry-leading use of Public Cloud, but how they build software and in particular, how they drive their overall architecture are perhaps the most paradigm-shifting aspects of their accomplishments.

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Humans and Computers Will Come Together for “Middle Work”

Jon Evans’ post “Welcome To Extremistan! Check Your Career At The Door” on TechCrunch warns of mass penury for this generation and the next as the dual horseman of the techno-apocalypse, robots and software, strip humans of their ability to make a living.

Essentially, he predicts machines and algorithms will consume jobs faster than we can create them. Don’t believe this dystopian vision of the future for a second, because both humans and robots will contribute to the economy in generations to come through a concept called “middle work.”

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