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Smart People on Ice: Andy Gross’s Winding Path To Becoming a Staff Software Engineer at Twitter

Alex Benik’s latest “Smart People on Ice” video interview features the always colorful Andy Gross, a member of the core storage team at Twitter and former chief architect at Basho Technologies.

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Marketing Power: Battery Gathers Top Industry Marketing Execs in San Francisco


On Sept. 23, Battery gathered top CMOs and other marketing executives together for an invite-only “Marketers’ Roundtable” discussion and dinner at Jardiniere restaurant in San Francisco.

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Nick Mehta

So You Lost the Sale–Here’s How to Re-Think Churn Analysis

Ben Horowitz has a great blog post about analyzing sales losses. His big conclusion is that if you ask sales people why they lose deals, they’ll always say “price.” Whether they do it consciously or subconsciously, by choosing price, they aren’t saying anything negative about their product, team or selves. So when in doubt, say price.

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The Second Coming of Big Data

Roger_at_Dataweek (2)

It was data, data and more data at the DataWeek Conference & Expo held Sept. 16-17 in San Francisco. Battery’s Roger Lee participated in a panel discussion offering investors’ perspectives on funding for, and potential acquisitions of, big-data and infrastructure start-ups; other panelists included Deborah Magid of IBM, Chetan Puttagunta of NEA and David Beyer of Amplify Partners.

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Chinese Internet companies have not captured the imagination of a mass business audience in the U.S. Alibaba is a coming out party for the whole of the Chinese Internet.

Rich Barton, co-founder Expedia, Zillow and Glassdoor, in the Wall Street Journal, Sept. 19


Why Did Docker Catch On So Quickly, and Why Is It Interesting?

Docker has rapidly become “the new thing” for computing in 2014. Why did that happen so quickly, and how has a Linux application container become so popular? Broadly, I think Docker is a great example of how to build a viral, developer-oriented product.

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Breach Detection is Your New Must-Have, Cyber Security Tool


Authors’ Note: Following the original publication of our post about breach detection on Sept. 6, Home Depot confirmed that hackers had broken into its payment systems and stolen up to 60 million credit-card numbers, making it the largest known security breach of its kind. By comparison, the breach at Target last year resulted in 40 million stolen credit-card numbers.

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Battery Ventures Hosts ‘Cocktails and Conversation’ at VMworld 2014

On August 26, Battery Ventures hosted its annual VMworld cocktail reception at Hard Water on the Embarcadero in San Francisco. Attendees got a chance unwind after a long day on the show floor with flights of bourbon, fried chicken and other fare, all while catching up with peers in the cloud and virtualization sector. Click below to see photos from the event.

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