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Moving Beyond “Perimeter” Security to Thwart Hackers


Online security breaches are all over the news today—giant companies ranging from Target to eBay have been hacked. It proves that so-called “perimeter” security, or trying to set up firewalls to prevent intrusions, is no longer enough to protect most companies. Given the sophistication of modern attacks, enterprises must shift their posture to assume they have already been breached by actors who have legitimate credentials.  Put another way: The bad guys are already inside you.

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Cloud Computing Concept

Agile Enterprise Architecture Finally Crosses the Chasm–Adrian Cockcroft Forbes Interview

In my first article for Forbes, I asked whether Enterprise Architecture (EA) was completely broken. My conclusion: executives seeking digital transformations of their organizations require a more agile approach to architecture than traditional EA has been able to offer. Instead, architects must treat the enterprise itself as a complex system, driving business agility as an emergent property of the organization as a whole.

Perhaps the best example of a company that has succeeded with this agile approach to architecture is NetflixNetflix is well-known in technology circles for its industry-leading use of Public Cloud, but how they build software and in particular, how they drive their overall architecture are perhaps the most paradigm-shifting aspects of their accomplishments.

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Humans and Computers Will Come Together for “Middle Work”

Jon Evans’ post “Welcome To Extremistan! Check Your Career At The Door” on TechCrunch warns of mass penury for this generation and the next as the dual horseman of the techno-apocalypse, robots and software, strip humans of their ability to make a living.

Essentially, he predicts machines and algorithms will consume jobs faster than we can create them. Don’t believe this dystopian vision of the future for a second, because both humans and robots will contribute to the economy in generations to come through a concept called “middle work.”

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Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Go Mobile-First or Die


A version of this post originally ran on TechCrunch.

Seven years ago, when the iPhone was first introduced, smartphones were a novelty. Now they’re the default method of computing for most people. As of late last year, Americans spent 34 hours a month on their mobile devices, compared with just 27 hours accessing the Web via a computer, according to Nielsen.

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Independence Pass

Aspen Dispatch: An Uncertain Future for Low-Wage Workers

The unemployment rate is at its lowest level in nearly six years. Services like Uber and TaskRabbit are providing new, Internet-enabled ways for people to work for themselves. Yet a recent discussion about “The Future of Work” at a major technology conference this week elicited concerns about a future bifurcation in the nation’s workforce, and potential troubles for lower-skilled workers unable to make it in a rapidly changing employment landscape.

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Smart People on Ice: Mike Shapiro and Adam Leventhal on their Early Days at Sun Microsystems

Alex Benik’s latest “Smart People on Ice” video interview is a double feature: Alex chats with both Mike Shapiro, co-founder of DSSD and vice president of software engineering at EMC/DSSD, as well as Adam Leventhal, chief technology officer at Delphix. In the video, Mike and Adam discuss their first fascination with technology, their early days working together at Sun Microsystems, and the lasting impact of technologies they developed, including Sun’s Solaris operating system.

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CEOs: Like It or Not, You’re Running a Software Company

What business is your company in? Chances are you’ll answer this question in a pretty focused way –your company is in financial services or telecommunications or transportation. I would argue that as a CEO, you should see your companies in a different light: Your company is, at its core, a software company. Or at least it should be.

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