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Powered by Battery: Your Summer Reading Guide


Welcome to Powered by Battery, a new source of ideas, insights and introductions for entrepreneurs seeking to smartly grow their businesses.http://www.battery.com/powered/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

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Smart People on Ice: Adam Jacob, the Dalai Lama of DevOps

Today we debut a new video feature on Powered by Battery called “Smart People on Ice”. The phrase is a line from the 1985 movie Real Genius, the classic comedy which chronicled the exploits and hijinks of a group of precocious youths at fictional California university, modeled on CalTech.  Our Smart People series features conversations with leading technologists from across the technology stack discussing how they first fell in love with  technology, their early days with computers, and their evolution as technologists and entrepreneurs.  

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Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Go Mobile-First or Die


A version of this post originally ran on TechCrunch.

Seven years ago, when the iPhone was first introduced, smartphones were a novelty. Now they’re the default method of computing for most people. As of late last year, Americans spent 34 hours a month on their mobile devices, compared with just 27 hours accessing the Web via a computer, according to Nielsen.

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Humans and Computers Will Come Together for “Middle Work”

Jon Evans’ post “Welcome To Extremistan! Check Your Career At The Door” on TechCrunch warns of mass penury for this generation and the next as the dual horseman of the techno-apocalypse, robots and software, strip humans of their ability to make a living.

Essentially, he predicts machines and algorithms will consume jobs faster than we can create them. Don’t believe this dystopian vision of the future for a second, because both humans and robots will contribute to the economy in generations to come through a concept called “middle work.”

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Independence Pass

Aspen Dispatch: An Uncertain Future for Low-Wage Workers

The unemployment rate is at its lowest level in nearly six years. Services like Uber and TaskRabbit are providing new, Internet-enabled ways for people to work for themselves. Yet a recent discussion about “The Future of Work” at a major technology conference this week elicited concerns about a future bifurcation in the nation’s workforce, and potential troubles for lower-skilled workers unable to make it in a rapidly changing employment landscape.

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If you have too much money, you buy VMware. If you have too much time, you buy OpenStack.

Marten Mickos, CEO, Eucalyptus Systems, at GigaOm Structure, June 19, 2014

My Key to Hiring? Grit


My daughter has a high IQ. I’ve always sensed it, and eventually, proved it with a test. At least once a month we have this ritual. “I’m not learning anything,” she says to me, as she’s faced with her after school homework. “School’s not about getting smarter,” I tell her, “It’s about working harder.”

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Don’t Miss the Boat on B2B, Behavioral Data

We’ve all heard the buzz about how marketers are finally starting to apply “big data” in earnest to guide their outreach strategies. Some even predicted that 2014 would be the year that this shift to true big-data integration would happen.

However, Razorfish recently surveyed 685 C-suite executives and published these findings: A whopping 76 percent of marketers are not using behavioral data for segmentation analysis or targeting. The reality is that marketers are largely missing out on high-frequency, real-time insights which have the potential to radically change the B2B marketing landscape.

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Cloudy With a Chance of Trends


Image © 2014 by Jakub Mosur, used with permission.

A global land grab for dominance in the public cloud. The rise of OpenStack as a datacenter-automation tool. SaaS investment soaring as enterprises look for business analytics services. Docker making an end-run around Cloud Foundry.

These are a few of the key takeaways from my talk, “Cloud Trends”, delivered at the GigaOm Structure conference in San Francisco this week. (For the full presentation, click here; for the video, click here.)

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Managing Hypergrowth Without Sacrificing Culture: No Offices or Admins

Any truly successful entrepreneur understands that people are the backbone of a great business.  After starting three companies—and selling two of them—many have called me a serial entrepreneur.  Like so many others with big ideas, I used to get caught up in building disruptive technology and making a difference, but over time I realized that it’s special people who turn a concept into something tangible and world changing.  It’s how they collaborate, and the environment in which they work, that drive innovation.  It’s culture.

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