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As a powerful international player, IHS GmbH creates added value for hotel groups and independent hotels by drawing on the combined resources and expertise of all its businesses.

IHS was established in 2007 as a unique portfolio of companies serving the hospitality industry with a wide range of technology, distribution and service solutions. Operating under the umbrella of IHS are the leading global CRS provider, Trust International; one of the leading groups for independent hotels worldwide, Worldhotels; the global provider of training and benchmarking solutions, IFH® Institute For Hospitality Management; the provider of total sales management solutions for hotels, Nexus as well as the hotel search engine, Elite Hotel Booking.

With a client portfolio of over 100 international hotel groups and more than 20,000 of serviced hotels, the company offers branding support, distribution technology, e-commerce, sales force management, marketing, training as well as mystery shopping.