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Rebecca is Battery's vice president of communications and content.

May the Marketing Force be With You, Says Battery to Vidyard

Yes—that is really Battery Ventures General Partner Michael Brown wearing a Jedi robe. Brown donned the Star Wars-themed garb to play a role in a…

Why You Don’t Need Five Refrigerators: JFrog’s One-Stop Shop for Developers To Store Software “Packages” and Quickly Churn Out Software

JFrog, which makes widely used tools for software-development management and distribution, recently announced it had raised $50 million from investors including Battery Ventures. Here, Powered…

We can’t control the destiny of how the social channels will play their game. But when it comes to engagement and publishing and response, we can be the centerpiece.

Ragy Thomas, CEO of Sprinklr, in Forbes, Jan. 20, 2016


Why Hasn’t the Traditional Banking Industry Been “Amazon-ed”?

This post was written by Battery team members Roger Lee, Ben Johnston and Jeff Lu. In the last two decades, dozens of traditional industries have…

Are You a Good Negotiator?

Lots of business people think they are. But many are going about the process all wrong—viewing it as a win-or-lose proposition, or using incendiary language…


Former MongoDB CEO, Open-Source Expert Max Schireson Joins Battery as Exec-in-Residence

This week, open-source guru and former MongoDB CEO Max Schireson—who famously announced a year ago that he was leaving that job partly to attain better…

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