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Skullcandy, maker of premium audio products

Skullcandy designs and constructs premium headphone, earbuds, speaker docs, audio accessories and other audio-enabled, lifestyle products.



Skullcandy, a wireless-hardware pioneer, was founded in 2003 by Cris Williams and Rick Alden, an entrepreneur previously involved in snowboard-related ventures. Skullcandy’s products particularly appealed to consumers interested in outdoor sports; the company’s initial Portable Link product, introduced in the pre-iPhone era, allowed people to listen to music on a portable audio device, through headphones, while still being able to use their cellphone for calls. Fortune magazine called one of the company’s products “the world’s coolest ear bud.” Later, the company diversified into other, related audio products.


Skullcandy went public on NASDAQ in 2011, with shares trading under the ticker SKUL. In 2016, the company was acquired by Mill Road Capital.

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