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ExactTarget, cross-channel interactive marketing platform

ExactTarget is a global provider of cross-channel interactive marketing, empowering organizations to plan, automate, deliver, and optimize data-driven interactive marketing and real-time communications.


ExactTarget was a fast-growing, market-leading company with strong fundamentals, predictable and visible revenue streams and a top-notch management team. Although on file for an IPO in 2009, ExactTarget’s management team turned instead to private investors to accelerate growth. Seeking capital to increase sales and marketing, potential acquisitions and international expansion, ExactTarget demanded a partner who understood its business model, knew the market and had experience with strategic acquisitions.

Battery’s Impact:

  • The Battery team provided strategic advice to execute four acquisitions across three continents.
  • Supplying strategic insight, Battery also provided guidance as ExactTarget steadily expanded its product and market footprint to become a recognized leader in cross-channel, interactive marketing.

Battery was instrumental in recruiting key members of ExactTarget’s senior management team, including:

  • CFO
  • EVP global sales
  • SVP corporate development


With more than 44 quarters of consecutive revenue growth, 4,700 direct customers, and a worldwide team of over 1,100 at its IPO, ExactTarget executed one of the largest, at the time, SaaS IPOs in history (NYSE: ET, March 2012). ExactTarget was acquired by for $2.5 billion in July 2013.

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