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Roger Lee, Courtney Chow, Chandler Ward, Isabel von Stauffenberg  |  December 20, 2022
Battery Ventures 2022 Consumer Lookback

At Battery, the dynamics of consumer behavior remain at the center of our investment thesis. We bias toward large markets that are undergoing massive consumer shifts and seek to partner with the entrepreneurs building the technologies that enable these shifts.

The global pandemic undoubtedly introduced a world of change, accelerating long-term underlying trends in the space of mere weeks. New habits formed, forever transforming what we value, how and where we shop and how we live and work. Nearly three years later, new economic and market dynamics, including high inflation and geopolitical uncertainty, continue to disrupt consumer behavior and outlook.

Despite the challenges posed by the past year, we remain optimistic and believe there is significant potential for innovation and growth in consumer technology, particularly as consumer intention, preferences and priorities evolve in response to macroeconomic pressures. In this report, we seek to unpack the key drivers influencing consumer behavior over the past 12 months — and ultimately, map these behaviors back to emerging market opportunities.



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