VSS Monitoring

VSS Monitoring: Helping Unlock the Potential of a Bootstrapped Company
Sector: IT Infrastructure
Stage: Venture + Growth
Location: Burlingame, CA
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  • Battery discovered an under-the-radar company in the network monitoring space, VSS Monitoring, with incredible technology and impressive, consistent growth
  • It was a Founder-owned business that had never raised institutional capital, and while it was anxious to fund an increase in direct sales efforts, the Founder had also bootstrapped the business to-date and it was growing quickly and profitably
  • Battery was impressed on many dimensions, and believed that a few macro trends would continue to drive growth – the explosion in monitoring tools and network traffic, the growing size of networks themselves, the deployment of new IP-based technologies (e.g, VoIP, streaming video, mobile internet), and virtualization

The Battery Difference

  • The team showed the Founder CEO the impact that an informed, hard-working and well-connected investor could make
  • Recruiting partner worked with the Founder CEO to recruit two key sales executives and a CFO, saving the company hours of time and significant outside recruiting agency fees
  • Battery supplied customer introductions, strategic advice, and introductions to potential acquirers
  • On the path to acquisition, Battery helped the Founder CEO navigate a strategic sale and optimize for a premium exit


  • —Carved out a unique position as the de facto leader in intelligent network monitoring, a strategic piece of real estate in the network stack
  • —Acquired by Danaher