Continuuity: a PaaS to Build Big Data Apps Blazingly Fast
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Trend Watch:  A“Big Data Stack” will massively disrupt the existing “Relational Database Stack”

  • The Battery Infrastructure team spotted an important trend early in the “Big Data” movement: money was pouring into infrastructure companies, focused on the lower level data stores for today’s flood of unstructured data.  But that’s not where the real interest lay.  The market for applications that sit on top of Big Data is even more nascent and even more compelling.
  • The Battery team believed the opportunity within Big Data was to in create applications higher up the stack to access, analyze and monetize underlying data sources and drive valuable business insight and analytics; essentially taking the processing out of the coders’ hands and giving it to front-line business users.

Getting a Rock Star Onboard

  • The team recruited Todd Papaioannou as an Entrepreneur in Residence to work alongside Battery and find the right angle to attack this potentially enormous opportunity.  Todd is a proverbial rock star in the Big Data world:  He had been Chief Cloud Architect at Yahoo!, was head of strategy for Teradata before that, and is a sought-after speaker and evangelist of the Big Data movement.
  • After a 3-month stint researching the pain points of users, the myriad technical approaches and the best and brightest talent, the Battery + Todd team concluded that the most valuable problem to solve was to deliver real time business data analytics.

Funding and Launching a Big Vision

  • Battery seed-funded Todd to start Continuuity, whose goal is to merge real-time data with batch processing for Big Data, to truly unlock valuable business insight.
  • The Continuuity team is squarely focused on building a Platform as a Service (PaaS) to enable customers to perform real-time analytics on unstructured data.
  • Focusing on storing all the unstructured Big Data out there is nice, and necessary… but Continuuity expects to reshape how the world capitalizes on that data.