Angie’s List

Angie’s List: Supporting the Path to Category-Defining Winner
Sector: Consumer Internet/Mobile
Stage: Venture + Growth
Location: Indianapolis, IN
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  • Tracked a bootstrapped local “ratings & reviews” business, which had literally gone door-to-door to acquire subscribers, as it slowly but surely carved out a unique position nationwide in the large, highly fragmented and historically inefficient local services market
  • Battery participated in a growth investment round at a critical point in the company’s history: the business model works, now how big and how fast can the company scale?

The Battery Difference

  • Helped build out executive team, with a particular emphasis on online marketing talent
  • Steered team through smart and steady growth nationwide, fending off competitors and copy-cats along the way
  • Supported continued investment in marketing to drive growth, while guiding the team on reducing the cost of customer acquisition, while increasing retention rates and lifetime customer value


  • Scaled to be the dominant player, offering high quality content to more than 1M households in 170 markets and 550 service categories
  • NASDAQ:  ANGI, November 2011