Akamai: Investing in a Technical Team with a Vision
Sector: IT Infrastructure
Stage: Venture + Growth
Location: Cambridge, MA
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  • A graduate student and his MIT professor created a breakthrough algorithm to speed up traffic on the web
  • Battery worked with founders for 6 months prior to financing to help shape business plan against their vision

The Battery Difference

  • Guided strategic decision to pursue a differentiated network services model rather than a software model
  • Recruited CEO, President, VP Sales, VP Network Services within 5 months of initial funding
  • Facilitated discussions with Cisco, Apple, and Microsoft, leading to private investments by each at values over $1B within first 14 months of company existence


  • Fall 1999 IPO, achieved a peak valuation of $35B
  • Despite precipitous fall in stock price, Battery remained committed to the company
  • Although no longer shareholders, Battery maintains close ties with the management team
  • Today, Akamai is a member of the Nasdaq-100 index and has deployed the industry‚Äôs most pervasive, highly-distributed cloud optimization platform worldwide