Battery Marketplace Index

Can you imagine life today without online, consumer marketplaces?

At Battery Ventures, we can’t either. Think about it: We order food through Doordash, book trips through Airbnb, listen to music through Spotify and, of course, get around town with Uber and Lyft. Twenty years ago, the only widely used Internet marketplaces—online hubs matching buyers and sellers of a particular product or service—were probably eBay and Craigslist.

Now, increasingly sophisticated marketplaces in a variety of markets represent some of the world’s most high-profile consumer businesses, and they’re generating a large amount of value for investors. To track this trend, and highlight the growing importance of marketplaces generally, we created and are regularly updating the Battery Marketplace Index.

This index—first announced at The Marketplace Conference in San Francisco in 2019—tracks the world’s largest marketplace companies. To be included, companies need to be listed on one of the major global stock exchanges* and boast a market capitalization of $500 million or more. We update the index at the close of each calendar quarter.

*Exchanges tracked include NASDAQ, NYSE, SEHK, XTRA, ENXTAM, TSE

The Companies

*Angie’s List, Groupon and Wayfair are or were Battery portfolio companies. For a full list of Battery investments, click here.

Marketplace Insights

Battery is proud to feature thought leadership from some of the leading players in the digital marketplace space. Touching on everything from the power of network effects, to balancing supply and demand, to maintaining product-market fit in an evolving industry, these podcasts were recorded at the Marketplace Conference. Have a listen!

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