The Whole Stack

Insights about IT infrastructure from the Battery team and our portfolio-company executives.


What is “Low-Code” App Development? And Why Should Businesses Care?

The UK-based insurer LV= (formerly Liverpool Victoria) was facing a technical challenge. A period of rapid growth, including numerous acquisitions, had swamped its IT department…

Is Your Security Operation Hooked On Malware?

It may seem counterintuitive, but an overzealous focus on malware may be preventing you from detecting even bigger threats.


The Fastest-Growing SaaS Unicorn You Haven’t Thought About

At the beginning of this year, I wrote a short post outlining a few predictions I have about how enterprise software is going to evolve…

Go to GOTO in London to Shore Up Your Agile, Lean and Rugged Development Skills

Competitive pressures have pushed speed of software development to become one of the highest priorities for businesses today.


You’ve Heard of the Netflix Chaos Monkey? We Propose, for Cyber-Security, an “Infected Monkey”

A couple of years ago Netflix introduced a concept called the “Simian Army”. The idea was to implement a bunch of open-source, automated processes that…

VCs Parse Biggest Cybersecurity Threats

Venture capitalists are well-versed in “as-a-service” investments these days—the software-as-a-service, platform-as-service, and infrastructure-as-a-service companies made possible by the cloud. But what about “malware-as-a-service”?

Micro-Services and a Meal in Boston

One prominent theme at the recent O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference in Boston was small.


Was 2014 the End of Enterprise Computing?

It’s been just over a year since I left Netflix and joined Battery Ventures. So it seemed appropriate (if a couple of weeks late) to take…

Capital One

Capital One: Disrupting Banking for Good

As a technology fellow at Battery Ventures, there are many cool things I get to do as part of my job: These include diving into…

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