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Adrian is Battery's first technology fellow. He was previously the cloud architect at Netflix.

Lock and key

Part 2: Who Doesn’t Like Lock-In?

  Recently I wrote about the often-thorny problem of enterprise-IT lock-in, or using only one vendor’s product for key functions. I discussed how some new…


Who Doesn’t Like Lock-In?

That was my opening line at an OpenStack technology summit presentation I delivered last year. Many people raised their hands after I asked the question….

Enterprise Cloud Computing

Cloud at Scale – Is Google Ready for Enterprise Yet?

Google made a series of announcements today at its Google Cloud Platform GCPNext event in San Francisco, and, notably, recently signed up Spotify to run…


BigPanda–Analyzing the MonitoringScape, the Explosion of IT Data and the “Tragic Quadrant”

There are so many monitoring products that it’s hard to keep track of them all.  And the scale of information that these tools generate can…

Adrian Cockcroft Cloud Trends

The State of the Cloud 2015: A Review of Industry Milestones and Future Predictions

In June 2014 I presented “Cloud Trends,” a presentation on the state of the cloud computing industry at the Gigaom Structure conference. At that time…

Sata servers

Go to GOTO in London to Shore Up Your Agile, Lean and Rugged Development Skills

Competitive pressures have pushed speed of software development to become one of the highest priorities for businesses today.


Was 2014 the End of Enterprise Computing?

It’s been just over a year since I left Netflix and joined Battery Ventures. So it seemed appropriate (if a couple of weeks late) to take…

Capital One

Capital One: Disrupting Banking for Good

As a technology fellow at Battery Ventures, there are many cool things I get to do as part of my job: These include diving into…

DevOps Enterprise

DevOps isn’t just for unicorns: A recap of the DevOps Enterprise conference

Early adopters of DevOps, such as Etsy and Netflix, have often been called ‘unicorns.’ However, the development methodology’s ability to speed up application delivery and…


Why Did Docker Catch On So Quickly, and Why Is It Interesting?

Docker has rapidly become “the new thing” for computing in 2014. Why did that happen so quickly, and how has a Linux application container become…

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