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Max Schireson • Executive in Residence

Max Schireson
Silicon Valley • Joined Battery in 2015

Max is an executive-in-residence based in Battery’s Menlo Park office. He is a veteran and hands-on enterprise-technology executive who helps advise Battery and its cloud and big-data portfolio companies on a variety of tactical and strategic business issues. These include drumming up grassroots adoption for open-source businesses and building developer communities; effectively monetizing these business models; and creating winning products in a crowded market.

Before joining Battery, Max was the CEO of open-source database company MongoDB, where he grew sales from $1 million to $50 million and helped raise $220 million in three rounds of financing. During his tenure MongoDB became the most popular NoSQL database in terms of users Fortune 500 companies and startups alike use MongoDB to create new types of applications, improve customer experience, accelerate time to market and reduce costs.

Prior to MongoDB, Max spent over seven years at MarkLogic, provider of a database for unstructured information, where he played a variety of executive roles including chief operating officer. Before MarkLogic, Max spent nine years at Oracle, where he held a number of roles including chief applications architect and vice president, e-commerce and self-service applications.

Max serves as a non-executive director of Cray Inc., the supercomputer company. He attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he studied mathematics.

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