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Charles Jolley • Past Entrepreneur in Residence

Silicon Valley •

Charles Jolley is currently the CEO of Jack Mobile, a stealth startup working on a new generation of mobile search. Previously, he was a head of product at Facebook, launching the mobile version of Platform and Facebook Home. Earlier in his career, he was a co-founder and CEO of Strobe, a software and cloud services company focused on the mobile web, sold to Facebook. He is also the creator of the popular SproutCore open source framework. Before founding Strobe, Charles was responsible for MobileMe and iCloud application development at Apple.

Charles is a well-known and seasoned technologist and entrepreneur, who is bringing his deep background in mobile, software and tablet engineering to work alongside the Battery investment team on its research into how businesses can take advantage of tablets in the future.  Battery’s fundamental premise is that as business users go tablet-centric, the workflows and business-critical applications must follow suit, and they are scrambling to catch up.  Jolley has a unique and important intersection of skills and perspective in the mobile universe:  He has hands-on experience with both iOS (during his tenure at Apple) and Android (during his tenure at Facebook), combined with direct involvement on companies’ move to mobile through Strobe, a mobile application development framework company he founded and sold to Facebook.