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PowerInbox was formed by the merger of ActivePath and PowerInbox in Q4 2012.

ActivePath, with strength in the enterprise, is the inventor of ActiveMail, a dynamic, interactive platform that revolutionizes how marketers engage their customers. ActivePath’s patented technology enables companies to deliver rich content and personalized, live offers securely within email messages to proactively engage customers, facilitate one-click purchases, and drive higher conversion rates. By downloading ActiveMail, consumers can take direct action from inside their email without clicking on a link or opening up a new browser window. Active Mail’s robust email platform increases conversion, enhances customer engagement, boosts sales and extends customer lifetime value.

PowerInbox, with strength on the consumer side, brings the app experience to email. Email apps (affectionately called “Power Apps”) make your emails more useful by letting you perform actions inside the email itself.

The two companies share a vision for the next generation of email – interactive email – and the combination creates a compelling new company.