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Glassdoor is the most transparent jobs and career marketplace that is changing how people search for jobs and how companies recruit top talent. Glassdoor combines free and anonymous reviews, ratings and salary content with job listings to help job seekers find the best jobs and address critical questions that come up during the job search, application, interview and negotiation phases of employment. For employers, Glassdoor offers recruiting and employer branding solutions to help attract high-quality candidates at a fraction of the cost of other channels. Glassdoor, which has more than 27 million members and content from more than 190 countries, operates one of the most popular job apps on iOS and Android.

The company launched in 2008 and has raised approximately $160 million from Battery Ventures, Google Capital, Tiger Global, Benchmark, Sutter Hill Ventures, DAG Ventures, Dragoneer Investment Group, and others.

Glassdoor announced its acquisition by Japan’s Recruit Holdings in May 2018.

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Bringing transparency to the employment industry
Robert Hohman, co-founder & CEO