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BladeLogic is the number one provider of data center automation software with a large installed base of Fortune 500 and other leading customers including Charter Communications, General Electric, Microsoft, Priceline, Sprint, SunGard, Qwest and WebEx. BladeLogic Operations Manager™ enables any change, across any platform, with any skill – allowing companies to efficiently provision, configure, and manage today’s complex application infrastructure with a proven return on investment in 3-6 months.

IPO, then acquired by BMC.

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BladeLogic EIR
The BladeLogic EIR Story

Watch the early story of BladeLogic, started with an EIR and a team with a vision to shake up the data center.

BladeLogic Case Study
BladeLogic Case Study
Dev Ittycheria, co-founder, CEO

Learn more from co-founder and CEO Dev Ittycheria about building a company to deliver a strategic solution for Fortune 500 customers.