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HR and employee benefits platform Hibob raises $17.5M led by U.S.-based Battery Ventures

TechCrunch--Hibob, a HR and employee benefits platform for small to medium-sized businesses, has raised $17.5 million in Series A funding. Leading the round is U.S. VC firm Battery Ventures, with participation from Arbor Ventures, and Fidelity’s Eight Roads Ventures.

Sisense Pulse uses machine learning to trigger data anomaly alerts

TechCrunch--Sisense introduced a new tool today called Pulse, which uses machine learning to trigger an alert when it detects results outside of normal parameters for a particular metric.

Tracking the explosive growth of open-source software

TechCrunch--Many of today’s hottest new enterprise technologies are centered around free, “open-source” technology. As a result, many big companies — from financial giants to retailers to services firms — are building their businesses around new, community-based technology that represents a sea change from the IT practices of the past.

Blue-Collar Revenge: The Rise Of AI Will Create A New Professional Class

Forbes--New, more-modern manufacturing processes, including the use of robots, have gutted the number of high-paying factory jobs in the U.S. and caused economic angst in large portions of the country.

The Top 20 Venture Capitalists Worldwide

The New York Times--Which 20 venture capitalists — the investors who unearth the tiny start-ups that turn into tomorrow’s behemoths — are on the winningest streaks?

Accel leads HotelTonight’s $37M Series E

TechCrunch--Last minute hotel booking app HotelTonight has closed a $37 million Series E round of funding — having last raised in early 2014. The 2010 founded company has raised a total of $117.69M to date, according to CrunchBase, with a valuation pegged at $463M.

MuleSoft soars 46% on first day of trading

TechCrunch--It’s the first enterprise tech IPO of the year and it’s off to the races.

Fund Investors Load Up on Property Debt

The Wall Street Journal--The state of Kentucky’s $16 billion pension fund has long invested a portion of its assets in commercial-real-estate funds managed by private-equity firms, but lately it is more interested in funds that make loans than those that buy property.

Alexa and Cortana May Be Heading to the Office

The Wall Street Journal--The next assistant in many offices could be named Alexa or Cortana. In 2016, Silicon Valley obsessed over how text-based bots in apps like Slack could make employees more efficient, turning complicated tasks or forms into conversational texts. Now, following the success of Amazon Inc.’s Alexa and Alphabet Inc.’s Google Home, people in the technology industry are increasingly thinking about how such voice-activated devices can be made useful in the workplace.

How AI Is Transforming the Workplace

The Wall Street Journal--Move over, managers, there’s a new boss in the office: artificial intelligence. The same technology that enables a navigation app to find the most efficient route to your destination or lets an online store recommend products based on past purchases is on the verge of transforming the office—promising to remake how we look for job candidates, get the most out of workers and keep our best workers on the job.

Keynote 11: Start Up Innovation – Raviv Melamed, Vayyar Imaging

Mobile World Live--Raviv Melamed, Vayyar Imaging presenting at Mobile World Congress.

The inaugural CNBC Upstart 25: Promising young start-ups

CNBC--The inaugural Upstart 25, CNBC's first-ever list of promising young start-ups, features a diverse group of companies that are building brands and breaking industry barriers on the path to becoming tomorrow's household names.

The latest hot start-ups to emerge from Israel’s cybersecurity war machine

CNBC--More than $680 million was invested in cybersecurity companies in 2016. But it wasn't in Silicon Valley. It was Israel.

Snap: Rewriting ‘Art of War’ for social networking — by not documenting anything

TechCrunch--Social networks may be the most valuable and durable types of businesses powered by “network effects,” the phenomenon of products or services becoming more powerful the more people use them. The social-networking companies in our recently launched Network Effect Index — a group of current and formerly public consumer-Web companies valued at $1 billion or more — outperformed the S&P by over 170 percent in the last five years, the most of any business category in the index.

Workfit raises $5.5 million seed round to be your AI meeting assistant

TechCrunch--Conversational AI is pushing deeper into enterprise with Workfit, a new startup promising to make conference call follow-ups and mid-meeting CRM updates as easy as playing a song or checking the weather on Google Home or Amazon Echo.

Want to Hire More Women? They Need to Be in Your Network

In the last nine months, something unusual has happened at our investment firm: We hired three women as CEOs to run companies in our portfolio.

CrediFi scores $13 million from Liberty Israel, Battery Ventures to compete with other real estate startups

Geektime--Israeli-American fintech startup CrediFi will have a very happy Valentine’s Day indeed after receiving a $13 million Series B financing round from new investors, the company announced Monday.

SumUp co-founders are back with bookkeeping AI startup Zeitgold

TechCrunch--The next time you go to your favorite restaurant or cocktail bar, talk with the manager about bookkeeping. Chances are that they’ll tell you that they waste a ton of time collecting and recording various documents. German startup Zeitgold wants to automate this pesky process so that you can spend more time on your actual business.

Press Release: Fungible Inc. Launches with $32.5 Million in Financing and a Plan to Revolutionize Cloud Data Centers

MarketWired--Fungible Inc., a company co-founded by Pradeep Sindhu, founder of Juniper Networks, and Bertrand Serlet, former Apple software engineering leader, today announced a $32.5 Million Series A financing to fulfill its mission of providing a full-stack solution for cloud data centers.

Juniper Networks Founder Embarks on Cloud-Style Chip Venture

The Wall Street Journal--The founder of network specialist Juniper Networks Inc. has teamed up with a former Apple software engineer in a bid to accelerate next-generation cloud computing.

Press Release: Battery Ventures Launches New “Network Effect” Index to Track Stock Performance of Consumer Web Companies

MarketWired--Battery Ventures, the global investment firm, launched a new index to track the stock performance of consumer marketplace companies and social networks, including large global brands like Facebook, Alibaba, Yelp, eBay and OpenTable.

Keys to ascending the consumer-internet throne

TechCrunch--“Category kings,” defined as market-share leaders in particular business sectors, often wind up creating the majority of the market value relative to their competition.

U.S. technology startups panic over immigration ban

Reuters--Silicon Valley venture capitalist Kate Mitchell said her startup companies have a message for their employees who are foreign nationals: Don't travel outside the country right now.

How real investors separate AI hype from reality

VentureBeat--Artificial intelligence has captured public imagination, dominated media coverage, and driven furious volumes of investment and acquisition activity. In the midst of this hype cycle, spotting the difference between phony wannabes and true investments can be a challenge.

Tech Executives Brace for Changes to Visa Programs

The Wall Street Journal--The prospect of change to the visa system for highly-skilled foreign workers has some executives in the technology industry on edge, though impact on the industry could vary widely depending on how any adjustment is made.

Build bridges instead of walls

TechCrunch--I watched our new administration’s immigration policy play out this weekend with a sense of dread (along with much of the rest of America).

What Cisco’s $3.7B Splurge For AppDynamics Means For Tech’s Other Unicorns

Forbes--AppDynamics' coming out party was supposed to be today. After raising price targets and with high demand for its app performance software during its investor roadshow, AppDynamics was expected to list on Nasdaq on Thursday as the first big tech IPO of 2017.

Collibra nabs $50M led by ICONIQ to fix companies’ data governance

TechCrunch--Data governance and management startup Collibra — originally founded in Belgium but now based out of New York to help businesses in sectors like finance and healthcare to manage and comply with data retention policies — has raised $50 million in its latest round of funding.

Radar sensor for the home which can ‘see’ through walls

BBC News--A large radar imaging system, previously used in breast cancer detection, has been shrunk and turned into technology which can be used in the home.

Forbes 30 under 30 Finance: Europe

Forbes--The members of this year’s 30 Under 30 Europe list are culled from over one thousand online nominations and research by a team of reporters at Forbes and across Europe.