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Powered by Battery  |  April 16, 2019
Same Battery, New Brand Identity—Behind Our New Logo

Battery Ventures has been investing in innovative technology companies for 36 years—and during that time, we’ve consistently used the same brand identity.

Today, that’s changing.

Battery is not the same firm it was back in 1983, when two Boston-based partners got together and, the next year, raised $34 million for the firm’s first investment fund. Now, the firm boasts six global offices, 10 general partners and a portfolio of companies spanning technology sectors from cloud software to artificial intelligence to next-generation e-commerce. Battery also has a thriving growth-equity and private-equity practice, in addition to the original venture-capital business that put it on the map.

This significant evolution in the firm’s business means it has outgrown its initial logo and visual identity. The main graphical element of the original logo, next to the “BV” acronym, is a design comprising three filled-in, gray circles, which actually represent cannonballs. This is because Battery’s first-ever office was on Batterymarch Street in Boston. The street got its name because, centuries ago, British soldiers marched down the street from their barracks to the city’s South Battery military fort every day. (Who knew!)

Battery’s new brand identity, unveiled today, retains some of the firm’s East Coast history, and even a shade of the old logo’s blue hue. But it brings the firm forward to better reflect its current position as a global, modern investment brand—and, critically, one focused on putting company founders first.

In the new mark, the three cannonballs have morphed into a three-sided triangle, whose points highlight the firm’s commitment to its three main constituents: Battery’s portfolio-company founders and management teams; our limited partners; and employees. The triangle also, of course, is an arrow pointing up and to the right. This denotes the extensive expertise and services Battery provides to its portfolio companies to help them scale and succeed.

Overall, the identity is simple and straightforward, highlighting Battery’s hardworking, but humble approach to investing. The look of the logo also is purposefully modern, highlighting the cutting-edge technology businesses in which the firm is proud to invest.

More broadly, we realize that design plays a bigger role in the success of most organizations today. As our own portfolio company InVision*, which makes a prominent digital-product design platform, put it in a report issued earlier this year, design can now have an “astronomical impact” on business. A 2018 McKinsey study concurred: The firm surveyed 300 publicly traded companies to study their dexterity with design and ranked them in a “McKinsey Design Index.” Companies with top-quartile scores in the index outperformed industry-benchmark growth by as much as a two-to-one margin.

Overall, we’re thrilled to update our visual identity to better represent the current and strong state of our business. Today, you’ll see our new logo and related designs roll out across most of our major digital properties, from Twitter to LinkedIn to Wikipedia, and also, of course, on our website.

But don’t worry, we’re still the same Battery Ventures behind the screen: hardworking, optimistic, battle-tested and very excited about the future of our firm—and, most of all, the disruptive businesses and entrepreneurs we back.


*Battery Ventures provides investment advisory services solely to privately offered funds. Battery Ventures neither solicits nor makes its services available to the public or other advisory clients.  For more information about Battery Ventures’ potential financing capabilities for prospective portfolio companies, please refer to our website. For a complete list of portfolio companies, please click here

No assumptions should be made that any investments identified above were or will be profitable.  It should not be assumed that recommendations in the future will be profitable or equal the performance of the companies identified above. Please refer to Section 1 of our Terms of Use for further information.

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