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Powered by Battery  |  June 8, 2020
Navigating a Pandemic as a Healthcare-IT CEO

This season of the Powered by Battery podcast features portfolio executives representing companies from various geographies and technology sectors. The views expressed here are solely those of podcast guests, not Battery. If you’re interested in learning more about these companies, or others in the Battery portfolio, you can access more information here.

Selling healthcare technology in the middle of the biggest health crisis in recent memory can create challenges—and opportunities. That’s the current situation facing Redox*, a company that focuses on helping customers more easily integrate, use and share healthcare data.

In this episode of Powered by Battery, we chat with Redox CEO Luke Bonney, who started Redox out of a digital-health incubator in Madison, Wisc. The company’s platform helps independent software vendors use Redox to exchange and integrate more than 10 million patient records per day across 40 electronic-health record systems at healthcare organizations including the Cleveland Clinic and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In our interview, Bonney discusses how customers are using Redox to help in the fight against COVID-19; how ever-changing healthcare regulations are affecting his business; and how he amasses the information he needs, as a CEO, to lead his company through these times.

Key Takeaways:

  • During volatile times, a key role of a tech CEO is to serve as the company’s chief communications officer. Bonney says it’s important for employees to know what a CEO is thinking and how strategy or tactics might be changing. He has recorded more than 15 short videos since the pandemic started and published them to company communications channels to stay in close touch with employees.
  • Creating virtual ways for employees to stay connected and motivated while working at home is also critical. At Redox, the company hosts everything from weekly euchre card-playing nights to channels for employees to swap homework advice for kids, or even offer to read another team member’s child a bedtime story.
  • There are ways to save money other than layoffs. Bonney reports that his company recently closed co-working spaces and cut out some software and infrastructure costs to run leaner.
  • Sometimes, corporate and leadership priorities stay the same during unusual times—though some priorities temporarily become more important. For Bonney, he is still focusing on people, strategy, execution and cash—though conserving cash is a top priority now.
  • You never know when government or industry regulations may change, opening new business opportunities. Redox and some of its customers are now benefitting, for example, from the recent shift by some healthcare providers and payers to reimburse for telemedicine visits.
  • Surround yourself with people you trust and respect, both at work and in life more broadly. When times get tough, it’s very valuable.

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