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Scott Goering, Evan Witte  |  July 21, 2021
Introducing Battery Collective, a community for digital builders in product, engineering and data

We’ve entered a new age of customer experience in technology. Accustomed to the ease of well-designed consumer tech, employees simply won’t accept clunky, hard-to-use solutions anymore. Whether your tech solution serves the enterprise or consumers, it needs to do more than just solve problems, crunch data, and work seamlessly behind the scenes. It’s also got to be on par with delightful experiences of consumer technology. From the simplicity of “swipe right” on Tinder or the ease of catching a ride on Uber, we now expect technology — all technology — to deliver beautiful experiences.

It takes a rock-star team to build a product that can live up to these sky-high expectations. And that’s why we’re gathering the best and brightest in product, engineering, and data to create a community of all-stars who can learn from each other–and also connect with larger enterprises in novel ways that reflect new market trends and buying patterns We blogged previously about how (and why) it’s important to build authentic community around your product. The Battery Collective is our attempt to put this theory into practice in our own sphere. Our goal is to connect leaders in their craft—the people who are helping shape the future of technology—to the startups of tomorrow.

We’re thrilled to announce Battery Collective by Battery Ventures as the next step in that journey.

What is Battery Collective?

The Battery Collective is a community of rockstars in product, engineering and data. But it also represents an evolution within the venture community. The collective moves beyond typical industry development, which focuses on introducing startups to large technology buyers. With the shift to product and community-led products, in addition to traditional enterprise sales, we’ve had to enhance how we engage enterprises, tilting toward collaborating on upcoming thematics and how the future of products will be built. We are developing a community where individuals can learn from others while granting unparalleled access to emerging tech and founders that are driving the next generation of companies. Connecting innovative startups to leading minds in the field for advice, problem-solving, and support. We’ll also connect the brightest minds in tech with one another, so we can all push each other to evolve. We aim to partner with people who already have thriving careers and want to see their impact continue to grow, not just within their own organizations but in the field as a whole.

We’ve always asked our founders to cultivate a customer-centered mindset and a hunger for practical innovation. In launching Battery Collective, we’re looking for leading practitioners with that same mindset. We aim to build a community for the future that seeds authentic conversations and sparks curiosity.

What Battery Collective will do for you

Years ago, I asked a customer, “What are we doing right or wrong in our customer journey?” The answer was powerful: “Nine out of ten of our conversations are about insights, best practices, and understanding our needs. You’re a connector helping to elevate my goals, not a salesperson trying to meet a quota.”

That’s the ethos we want to build in the Battery Collective community. We are developing a place where the top minds in their field can learn from one another, while granting unparalleled access to emerging tech and founders who are driving the next generation of companies.

We focus on authentic experiences. This summer we’ll be organizing Zoom wine tastings, DoorDash dinners, and virtual coffees; eventually this will expand to live in-person events. We’re convening meaningful discussions, not sales pitches. The Battery Collective is a place for people who might not otherwise intersect to meet, learn from one another, and get engaged in the venture community.

Benefits of the community will include:

  • Invites to Battery Collective-only meetings, member-only dinners, and summits
  • Access to portfolio companies as well as those undergoing due diligence as future investments
  • Opportunities to serve as advisors to innovative portfolio companies
  • Ability to enhance resume and social media by listing yourself as an advisor to the Battery Collective community
  • Opportunity to be featured in member spotlights in Battery marketing and the Battery Collective website
  • Connecting with potential syndication or unique co-investment opportunities
  • The chance to shape the future by supporting founders and their teams throughout their journeys

Whether companies are in the Battery portfolio today, or we are lucky enough to partner with those startups in the future, Battery Collective will be a community that is looking forward to engaging in feedback, solutions, and co-innovation.

Who we’re looking for

We want the best and brightest to join our community. We’re looking for rock stars who are building great products across product, data, and engineering. Our ideal community member is a VP- or director-level leader at an organization of 1,000-plus people. We’re looking for people who lead teams of builders and can advise up-and-coming innovators in the field.

Most of all, we’re looking for people who are community-minded and want to take part in shaping the future of technology. Battery Collective members are keen to share their knowledge and insight with others.

Is that you? If so, we invite you to join the movement. Nominate yourself or a colleague for Battery Collective membership today.

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