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Powered by Battery  |  November 16, 2021
From Good to Great: How to Ace Your Marketplace Fundraise

They say first impressions are critical, and that certainly rings true when you’re pitching your company to investors. As a founder or CEO, your pitch is often the most important factor determining whether you’ll receive funding. The most prepared teams, and those that clearly demonstrate what investors are looking for, are the ones that have the highest likelihood of being funded.

Fundraising is a skill, which conversely means it can be improved upon. One of the great privileges of being investors is having the opportunity to evaluate hundreds of companies—including many online marketplaces–each year. Over the years, there are a handful of best practices we’ve seen that can improve the fundraising process for these types of companies and position them to successfully secure funding. Today, for the second year in a row at our virtual Marketplace Conference, we teamed up with Philip Specht, a principal at European VC Speedinvest, our conference co-host, to share some of our combined learnings on how marketplace founders – from pre-seed to growth stage – can improve their chances of being funded.

Last year attendees found the session helpful and informative, so we were honored to bring it to you all again. Scroll down to view the slides. We hope the presentation is beneficial in helping you go from good to great and ace your marketplace fundraise.

From Good to Great: How to … by Battery Ventures

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