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Powered by Battery  |  September 21, 2018
Five Questions in Five Minutes with the CEO of Sisense

Portfolio Spotlight: Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense*

Each month, Battery highlights a different portfolio-company CEO with our “Five Questions in Five Minutes” feature, showcasing the diversity of the Battery portfolio across investment stages, sectors and geographies.

What does your company do in 10 words or less?

Sisense mashes up data to deliver instant insights through analytics, embedded everywhere.

What is your favorite piece of management/leadership advice?

If you’re looking to drive hypergrowth, you need to enable people to make decisions quickly, on the ground, at all levels.  To do that well you want a diverse team with different opinions that can do things differently than you and are not afraid to make mistakes. Fear of making mistakes or fear of disagreeing will dramatically slow progress and creativity.

What’s the most underrated trend in technology, in your opinion?

It’s going to sound self-promotional but even as data complexity grows, and there is an increased emphasis on making fast but thoughtful decisions, there are still many firms which neglect data-driven decisions. That isn’t to say that they don’t collect data – most everyone knows that they should be doing that. However, things fall apart when it comes time to use that data. In many cases it’s used to answer the wrong questions, too slowly, and in some cases it’s not used at all. The trend towards actionable embedded analytics, where data-driven insights are delivered when and where they’re needed, is still underrated. But I don’t think that this will continue for much longer, simply for Darwinistic reasons – those who won’t take advantage of their data will lose the competitive market out there. It may take three years or 10, but it will happen.

What Sisense accomplishment in the last 12 months are you most proud of?

We just closed $80 million in funding, bringing the total investment in the company to about $200 million. Participants included all our major prior investors.

But I’m more proud of Gartner ranking us #1 in this $30B industry in terms of diversity and inclusion – a core value of Sisense. About a third of all leaders here at Sisense are female and, as a father of two girls (and a son), I want to see that number even higher! It’s a proud achievement but, like any CEO, I want even more.

BONUS QUESTION: What is your favorite dish to eat? And dish to cook?

Whatever we eat at home is better than all the fancy restaurants I have to go to. Personally, I’m really good at cooking a boiled egg and burger on the BBQ but, only after years of practice.


Learn more about Sisense here.

Amir Orad speaks to Nasdaq at CloudNY 2018.

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