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Powered by Battery  |  May 24, 2018
Five Questions in Five Minutes with the CEO of Sprinklr

Portfolio Spotlight: Ragy Thomas, CEO of Sprinklr

Each month, Battery highlights a different portfolio-company CEO with our “Five Questions in Five Minutes” feature, showcasing the diversity of the Battery portfolio across investment stages, sectors and geographies.

What does your company do in 10 words or less?

An SMMS platform purpose-built to manage customer experiences at scale.

What is your favorite piece of management/leadership advice?

You can never stop obsessing about the customer. We spent the earliest days of Sprinklr uncovering what sort of value we could provide for our customers. We asked our clients what social capabilities they lacked, and what they hoped would be possible. We learned about their greatest aspirations and their challenges. We let their needs define how we could serve them. And then we worked with them to co-invent our product to serve those exact needs.

Building a successful company requires hard work, dedication, and many invaluable people on the inside, but you can never forget that it’s the customer standing outside that needs to be the driving force behind everything you do.

What’s the most underrated trend in technology, in your opinion?

When we look at the 1200+ global brands Sprinklr works with – whether it’s Nike, McDonald’s, Samsung, or Microsoft – no matter the size, market, or industry, they’re all grappling with the same persistent challenges. For years, brands controlled the conversation. But today, with the rise of social, customers now control the conversation. They expect to be known. To be served. On demand, on their terms, and on the channels they choose – many of which didn’t exist a decade ago.

With so many touchpoints and channels, brands are overwhelmed. Inevitably, each customer-facing function turns to technology for help. They buy point solutions for marketing, others for sales, and still others for care. But these tools aren’t connected to one another; they weren’t designed for the speed, complexity, and scale of social; and they end up putting up even more walls between the company and its customers. They need a new class of enterprise software that was purpose-built for the connected world.

What Sprinklr accomplishment in the last 12 months are you most proud of?

For the past eight years, we’ve been building what we think is the world’s first Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform. Recently, we enhanced this platform even further by unveiling Intuition – a powerful set of AI capabilities that automates a high volume of decisions, actions, and data analysis at a scale and speed beyond human ability.

What is the most adventurous (non-business related) thing you’ve done?

In 2015, I produced an Indian film called Ennu Ninte Moideen. It was an amazing true story that I felt the world deserved to know, but filmmaking was something I’d never done before. Thankfully, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Since then, I’ve co-produced a Broadway play starring Uma Thurman. To me, these projects are all about finding creative ways to connect people through stories.


Learn more about Sprinklr here.

Ragy speaks to Battery’s Neeraj Agrawal about evaluating product/market fit.

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