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Powered by Battery  |  February 7, 2022
Find Your Future—Battery’s Roadmap for Tech Entrepreneurs

How do you sketch a roadmap to the future? It’s almost a contradiction in terms. And yet we see company founders tackle this daunting task cheerfully, every day.

Finding the future of a fast-growing technology business is, obviously, a movie we’ve seen before—and one that’s a unique challenge for every emerging-tech company. Founders must live in several overlapping time zones: They need to sustain a vision of an unimaginable—and often unpredictable—tomorrow, all while taking the difficult steps necessary to reach that future. These brave executives are creating their own reality as markets waver and competitors nip at their heels.

With the launch of, we invite founders to find their company’s future with us. This new collection of content offers a path filled with best practices, practical advice and real-life examples for founders trying to scale their companies quickly in an ever-changing market. You’ll find blog posts, podcasts, videos and other useful tools organized into two main sections that, together, create a new Battery roadmap for entrepreneurs—another resource for your company-building journey.

First, the site offers advice specific to executive function. This includes how-to pieces about business development and sales; talent and recruiting; and marketing/communications. Battery services experts in these areas offer actionable advice on everything from onboarding employees virtually, to leveraging partnerships and channels (in addition to direct sales) to hiring the right tech-PR firm. The pieces focusing on sales and business development feature several fresh insights from Battery’s new Operating Partner Bill Binch, a former operator who has thoughts—and advice—on just about every aspect of your modern sales process, from managing BDRs to the five must-have slides to present to your board of directors.

Next, there’s content organized by sector, including SaaS, consumer marketplaces and infrastructure technology. If you’re building a next-generation SaaS business, for example, you should check out Battery General Partner Neeraj Agrawal’s insights on what he calls the “founder to CEO” journey, an update to his classic, 2015 “T2D3” treatise on how to scale a software company to $100 million in revenue. These days, according to Agrawal, embracing product-led growth and focusing on talent is key as companies grow more quickly and achieve greater scale before IPOs. You’ll also find some relevant podcasts in this section, including company-building tips from SaaS CEOs such as Bill Magnuson, of newly public Braze*, and Todd Olson of*

In the consumer-marketplace section, Battery’s Roger Lee offers growth tips on everything from subscription pricing to the Rule of 40 to how to integrate functions like delivery and payments into your marketplace product, creating a more-valuable “end-to-end” experience for customers. A few clicks away, you can access Dharmesh Thakker’s detailed insights for cloud-native entrepreneurs. These include advice on everything from leveraging cloud marketplaces to sell your product; strategies for monetizing open-source technology; and aligning sales compensation with bottoms-up business models.

At Battery Ventures, our general partners and growing services organization stand ready to help you at every unexpected twist, turn and fork in the road. We’d love to work with you as you start finding your future here.

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*Denotes a Battery portfolio company. For a full list of all Battery investments, please click here.

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