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Rebecca Buckman  |  March 2, 2016
Dining and Deep Learning

In early March, Battery Ventures hosted a dinner in Tel Aviv focused on the emerging topic of “deep learning”, a more-complex version of “machine learning” that is more akin to true artificial intelligence. The participants–including executives from big companies and startups, as well as academics–discussed deep learning’s potential in industries as diverse as cybersecurity, agriculture and medicine.

The group agreed that several factors are leading to deep learning’s growing popularity. These include the availability of inexpensive, very scalable computing power, such as that offered through the cloud; the availability of large amounts of data, much of it being thrown off by “smart” devices; and significant advances in algorithms to analyze all that data. Deep learning has its challenges–including easy access to the data and talent needed to leverage it–but the group agreed that many complex problems that can’t now be easily solved with traditional machine learning could be addressed through deep learning.

The dinner, also attended by Battery Ventures team members Itzik Parnafes, Paz Eshel and Shiran Shalev, was held at Kitchen Market in Tel Aviv.




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