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August 25, 2016
Behind the “50 Highest Rated Private Cloud Companies to Work For” List

Delivering key tech infrastructure and software through the cloud is one of the biggest technology trends today, driving billions in new revenue—and also much of the tech industry’s recent M&A activity.

Turns out, cloud companies are pretty good places to work, too.

Battery recently partnered with Glassdoor*, the jobs and recruiting marketplace, to highlight the cloud-computing companies where employees report the highest levels of work satisfaction. The final product is a list called the “50 Highest Rated Private Cloud Computing Companies to Work For”—you can read our joint press release about the project here and see the full rankings in the graphic at the end of this post. Battery is interested in this data since employee satisfaction is one proxy for company health—and because we’re fans of transparency, including the type Glassdoor and other companies enable through online company ratings and reviews.

The project was fairly far-reaching, and data-intensive: First, we leveraged data from research service Mattermark to look at larger, private cloud companies that were B2B focused–instead of providing consumer services—and had 200 or more employees as of July 2016. They also had to have raised funding sometime in the last three years. So our focus was really on larger startups, not Series A companies. To make our results more accurate, we also screened for cloud companies with 30 or more overall employee reviews on Glassdoor.

Next, Glassdoor ran the numbers on which of these companies had the highest employee satisfaction ratings— with five indicating “very satisfied” and one signaling “very dissatisfied.” Though these didn’t figure into our top-50 ranking, we also looked at how employees rated the CEOs at these companies, and what they thought of the companies’ future business outlook. (Not all of the 50 finalists had 30 or more reviews on their CEOs or business outlook, as noted below, though all met that threshold for the overall corporate rating.)

Average CEO approval
The results highlighted a number of key trends and, of course, unearthed some companies where employees are apparently very happy to work. The average company rating for the top 50 cloud companies was 4.5—while the average rating for all companies on Glassdoor is 3.3. The CEOs of these companies also ranked highly: The average CEO-approval rating on our list was 94%, compared to a broader Glassdoor average of 67%.

average company rating comparison.jpg

This may not be surprising, since Glassdoor finds that employees at highly rated companies often say they enjoy working for mission-driven companies with strong and unique company cultures. Certainly, many fast-moving cloud startups fit that bill.

In addition, employees of these companies were optimistic about their future business outlook. When asked if they felt positively about the future direction of the company 87.6% of employees at the top-50 cloud companies said yes, compared to a broader Glassdoor average of 45%.

Average business outlook

Finally, we found that these companies are, by and large, growing fast. The combined headcount of these companies, according to Mattermark, is just over 26,000 employees (for an average of 525 workers per company), and 15% of those total jobs have been added in the last six months.

Fast GrowthA few other interesting tidbits:

  • The median amount of investment funding received by the 50 companies, in total, is $96 million.
  • A sizable 36% of the companies (18 out of 50) were founded in 2009—around the tail end of the last financial crisis.

And, the majority—60%–of these companies are headquartered in California. The next biggest group, 12%, are based in New York, and 8% are based in Washington state. You can see more about the geographic breakdown here:

Breakdown by stateAs for the specific companies that topped the list, the top 10, in order, were: Asana; Greenhouse Software; WalkMe; Chef Software*; Sprout Social; Grovo; Procore Technologies; PagerDuty; Addepar; and nCino.

Chef is a Battery portfolio company, as are seven other companies on the list. They are Sisense, Bloomreach, Nutanix, Coupa Software, AppDynamics, Sprinklr and Intacct*.

The top-ranked companies represent a real cross-section of the cloud, including companies that provide back-end, IT infrastructure as well as companies using the cloud to deliver financial, security, design, collaboration and many other types of software.Breakdown by industry

Here’s the full list:

Glassdoor, Battery Ventures 50 Highest Rated Private Cloud Computing Companies To Work For
Rank Name Overall Company Rating  CEO Name CEO Approval Rating Positive Business Outlook Rating
1 Asana 4.9 Dustin Moskovitz 100% 99%
2 Greenhouse Software 4.9 Daniel Chait 99% 100%
3 WalkMe 4.9 Dan Adika 98% 93%
4 Chef Software* 4.9 Barry Crist 100% 100%
5 Sprout Social 4.9 Justyn Howard 98% 98%
6 Grovo 4.9 Jeff Fernandez 99% 97%
7 Procore Technologies 4.9 Tooey Courtemanche 99% 97%
8 PagerDuty 4.8 Jennifer Tejada n/a 100%
9 Addepar 4.8 Eric Poirier 100%* 88%*
10 nCino 4.8 Pierre Naudé 93%* 94%
11 Sisense* 4.7 Amir Orad 100%* 92%*
12 Duo Security 4.7 Dug Song 100% 100%
13 ScienceLogic 4.7 David Link 100% 99%
14 HireVue 4.7 Mark Newman 100% 96%
15 Smartsheet 4.6 Mark Mader 100% 90%
16 Base CRM 4.5 Uzi Shmilovici 94%* 86%*
17 Demandbase 4.5 Chris Golec 96% 86%
18 Okta 4.5 Todd McKinnon 98% 94%
19 SimpliVity 4.5 Doron Kempel n/a 89%
20 Tradeshift 4.5 Christian Lanng 97%* 86%*
21 AppDirect 4.5 Nicolas Desmarais,Daniel Saks 95% 97%
22 Couchbase 4.5 Bob Wiederhold n/a 90%*
23 Veracode 4.5 Bob Brennan 94% 83%
24 DocuSign 4.4 Keith Krach 97% 90%
25 Alteryx 4.4 Dean Stoecker 93% 88%
26 SendGrid 4.4 Sameer Dholakia 93%* 90%
27 Prezi 4.4 Peter Arvai 91%* 77%
28 Taulia 4.4 Cedric Bru 100%* 88%
29 Malwarebytes 4.4 Marcin Kleczynski 90% 88%
30 BloomReach* 4.3 Raj De Datta 93%* 74%*
31 Nutanix* 4.3 Dheeraj Pandey 98% 91%
32 Work Market 4.3 Stephen Dewitt 91%* 76%
33 Coupa Software* 4.3 Rob Bernshteyn 89% 88%
34 MongoDB 4.3 Dev Ittycheria 90% 82%
35 Domo 4.3 Josh James 89% 86%
36 ZipRecruiter 4.3 Ian Siegel 89% 82%
37 GoodData 4.2 Roman Stanek 84% 76%
38 AppDynamics* 4.2 David Wadhwani 93% 90%
39 Venafi 4.2 Jeff Hudson 99% 78%
40 Zuora 4.2 Tien Tzuo 90% 77%
41 Medallia 4.2 Borge Hald 98% 86%
42 Sprinklr* 4.2 Ragy Thomas 90% 79%
43 Aryaka Networks 4.2 Shawn Farshchi 99% 87%
44 Freshdesk 4.1 Girish Mathrubootham 98% 76%
45 Icertis 4.1 Samir Bodas 97%* 88%
46 Mirantis 4.1 Alex Freedland 81%* 77%
47 Dropbox 4.1 Drew Houston 77% 71%
48 Intacct* 4.1 Robert Reid 90% 80%
49 Mixpanel 4.1 Suhail Doshi 77% 78%
50 Accela 4.1 Maury Blackman 83% 81%
Methodology: Report identifies private cloud computing companies that are highest rated on Glassdoor, based on company ratings shared by employees. To be considered, a private cloud company must have received at least 30 company reviews on Glassdoor as of 8/2/16. The report tracks private cloud companies that, according to data from research service Mattermark, are based in the U.S., have a B2B business model, 200 or more employees (as of 7/15/16), and have raised funding over the past three years (on or after 7/1/13). A company’s CEO approval rating and positive business outlook rating—indicating the percentage of employees who believe their employer’s business will get better in the next six months–was not taken into account to determine rank or overall company rating.

*Next to CEO approval rating or positive business outlook rating denotes the data is based on less than 30 ratings.


This material is provided for informational purposes, and it is not, and may not be relied on in any manner as, legal, tax or investment advice or as an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy an interest in any fund or investment vehicle managed by Battery Ventures or any other Battery entity. 

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*Denotes a Battery portfolio company. For a full list of all Battery investments, please click here.

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