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Digital Dollars & Sense: Behavioral Targeting

On November 19th, we gathered a panel of industry thought-leaders and a group of executives in the digital media universe to debate the promise and pitfalls of behavioral targeting: What exactly is it? Does it even work? Is it an invasion of privacy? Who owns the data? Does the technology exist to use behavioral targeting effectively?


How do you define BT? What data is valuable?

What should you pay for the data? Are premium advertisers dead?

Privacy: Who owns the Data? Can the industry self-regulate?

Who will the winners and losers be?

Audience questions & panel predictions

The panelists:

Joe Apprendi
CEO, Collective

Matthew Greitzer
Vice President and Head of ATOM Systems, Razorfish

Jules Polonetsky
Co-Chair and Director, Future of Privacy Forum

Omar Tawakol
CEO, BlueKai

Satya Patel
Battery Ventures