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Digital Dollars and Sense: Cashing in on Content

On October 28, we assembled a unique panel of pioneers, experts and visionaries from Gawker, Thrillist, Spanfeller Media Group, and Guardian News and Media North America in front of some of NYC’s brightest: the curators, publishers, technology buyers and entrepreneurs who are rethinking content publishing. The evening’s events examined the upheaval in the traditional content publishing world, which has been felt in every major industry, including newspapers, magazines and books. As consumer behavior continues to indicate that consumption of content in digital form is becoming not just an option, but the preference, the economics of the traditional publishing model are being called into question. An equal number of questions remain about the economic viability of digital publishing.

The panel debated these challenges and more, including questions such as: Is there a place in the digital world for magazines? Will book publishers avoid the mistakes of the major music labels in working with digital distributors? Will digital content always turn analog dollars into pennies? Will consumers pay for digital content? Is there a viable economic model for mobile phones and touch devices?

Welcome and Introductions

Level Set on Content Publishing and the Art of Journalism

The Power of Audience

Audience vs. Environment

Monetizing Beyond Advertising

New Media Models, Mobile Devices and Dinosaurs

Success in the Marketplace Today

Predictions in Online Advertising

Best Practices in Audience Building