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Battery Ventures Hosts: Big IT Meets Big Web

On May 2, 2012 at Stanford, we were thrilled to bring together today’s leaders in the “Big IT” and “Big Web” movements—leading architects and technologists who have designed, built, and operated the systems that power both the capital markets and the most notable properties on the Internet.

While there may be technical and cultural differences between Enterprise IT and The Web, we learned that there is ample common ground to be explored.  We had a great exchange of information and first-hand accounts of both the triumphs and the scars that come from building and scaling high performance infrastructures in these worlds.


Featured speakers:

  • Keynote from Tim Campos, CIO, Facebook
  • Keynote from George Brady, EVP, Distributed Hosting Services, Fidelity Investments
  • Special guest presentation by DJ Patil, Data Scientist


Alex Benik, Principal, Battery Ventures

Tim Campos, CIO, Facebook

DJ Patil, Data Scientist

Predictions & Observations from Panelists and Attendees


CLOUD DISCUSSION: No Marketing Allowed

This panel explored the distinctly different approaches the panelists have taken to building and leveraging cloud infrastructures. It explored the similarities and differences of each, as well as some of the most challenging technical hurdles encountered along the way. We also explored the developer’s perspective on these different models.

Moderator: Alex Benik, Principal, Battery Ventures

  • Adrian Cockcroft, Director of Architecture, Netflix
  • Allan Leinwand, Chief Technology Officer, Infrastructure, Zynga
  • Lew Tucker, PhD, VP and CTO, Cloud Computing, Cisco
  • Jason Hoffman, Founder and CTO, Joyent

BIG DATA PANEL: Gaining Insight From Your Data

Deriving value from the massive volume of structured and unstructured data is a challenge that an increasing number of businesses are facing today. Be it market data, or tweets, gaining insight into this data can dramatically impact the bottom line of a business. During this panel, leading practitioners discussed how they’re solving these problems and turning Big Data into a competitive, sustainable advantage.

Moderator: Todd Papaioannou, CEO and Co-Founder, Continuuity

  • Aaron Kimball, Co-Founder, WibiData
  • Digvijay Lamba, Distinguished Architect, Walmart Labs
  • Dmitriy Ryaboy, Software Engineer, Twitter