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Smart People on Ice: Adam Jacob, the Dalai Lama of DevOps

Today we debut a new video feature on Powered by Battery called “Smart People on Ice”. The phrase is a line from the 1985 movie Real Genius, the classic comedy which chronicled the exploits and hijinks of a group of precocious youths at fictional California university, modeled on CalTech.  Our Smart People series features conversations with leading technologists from across the technology stack discussing how they first fell in love with  technology, their early days with computers, and their evolution as technologists and entrepreneurs.  

Smart People’s host is Alex Benik. Real Genius was one of the sparks that catalyzed Alex’s fascination with technology as a boy and has influenced him to this day.  Alex has been with Battery since 2001 and invests in infrastructure technologies.  He currently works with Catchpoint, Chef, Cumulus Networks, Diablo Technologies, and Stratoscale.  

Our inaugural video features Adam Jacob, a co-founder and CTO of IT-automation company Chef. Adam talks to Alex about his early technology influences–which include using a 1980s modem to prank-call his parents in the middle of the night–and how he thinks open-source software development is similar to a bunch of guys working on restoring an old, classic car.

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