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Powered by Battery is a web site for entrepreneurs searching for ideas, insights and introductions to help them grow their businesses. The site contains content from team members at Battery Ventures as well as our family of companies. For more information or to contribute, contact becky@battery.com.

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Powered by Battery: Your Reading Guide


Welcome to Powered by Battery, a new source of ideas, insights and introductions for entrepreneurs seeking to smartly grow their businesses.

http://www.battery.com/powered/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gifAt Battery Ventures, a 31-year old investment firm that backs innovative technology leaders worldwide, we have lots of experience fueling growth. For us, that means growth across diverse business sectors, investment stages and geographies. With Powered, we’ve created a new content hub that addresses growth issues at both a high level and a more-tactical one, focusing on themes that are top-of-mind for entrepreneurs in the market today. Those themes may relate to sales, marketing, or finance; HR and company culture; disruptions in back-end, IT infrastructure; and even the mechanics of fundraising or filing for an IPO.

On Powered right now, we’re offering content that maps back to several of these issues. Ragy Thomas, the CEO of social-media company Sprinklr, has a piece offering advice for big businesses that still doubt the power of social media to shape the overall experience of their customers. (His takeaway: Companies are no longer in control of their brands, thanks to social media, ubiquitous Internet access and ever-present smartphones. So change how you’re doing things!) Another business-software CEO, Gainsight’s Nick Mehta, has concrete tips for sales and marketing professionals trying to figure out why their customers are churning away to competitors.

And on the IT-infrastructure side, Adrian Cockcroft, Battery’s first-ever technology fellow, offers his thoughts on the growing popularity of Linux application- container Docker, currently the rage among many IT professionals. IT managers might also want to read our post about “breach detection”, a hot new area of cyber-security–apparently, many companies have already been hacked, and they just don’t know it.

We’ve also got shorter items on 1) our portfolio company Wayfair’s recent NYSE debut; 2) a recent Battery dinner for CMOs and other marketing professionals; and 3) a geeky “DataWeek” conference in San Francisco at which Battery General Partner Roger Lee offered insights about the evolution of big-data technology.

Finally, we’ve got video! Earlier this year we launched our new video-interview series “Smart People on Ice” with Battery Partner Alex Benik. The series features Alex interviewing leading industry technologists and entrepreneurs about their own technology influences and offers musings about current enterprise-IT trends. Check out Alex’s latest interview with Andy Gross, the former chief architect at Basho who is now part of the core storage team at Twitter.

The site is also sprinkled with Tweets, quotes and other, shorter material meant to keep our community updated about what we’re doing at Battery. We’re excited to share our knowledge, and that of our portfolio companies, with you, and we hope you find the material on the site a powerful engine to fuel your company’s growth. We’ll be updating it regularly.

So thanks for visiting! And please come back any time you need some re-charging.


Rebecca Buckman

Rebecca is Battery's vice president of communications and content.

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  • Adriana Dunn - 6 months ago

    Looks great! Congrats on the launch from the team here at StellaService.