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Powered by Battery is a web site for entrepreneurs searching for ideas, insights and introductions to help them grow their businesses. The site contains content from team members at Battery Ventures as well as our family of companies. For more information or to contribute, contact becky@battery.com.

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The Whole Stack

Insights about IT infrastructure from the Battery team and our portfolio executives.

Smart People on Ice: Mike Shapiro and Adam Leventhal on their Early Days at Sun Microsystems

Alex Benik’s latest “Smart People on Ice” video interview is a double feature: Alex chats with both Mike Shapiro, co-founder of DSSD and vice president…

Moving Beyond “Perimeter” Security to Thwart Hackers

Online security breaches are all over the news today—giant companies ranging from Target to eBay have been hacked. It proves that so-called “perimeter” security, or…

Cloud Computing Concept

Agile Enterprise Architecture Finally Crosses the Chasm–Adrian Cockcroft Forbes Interview

In my first article for Forbes, I asked whether Enterprise Architecture (EA) was completely broken. My conclusion: executives seeking digital transformations of their organizations require a more…


CEOs: Like It or Not, You’re Running a Software Company

What business is your company in? Chances are you’ll answer this question in a pretty focused way –your company is in financial services or telecommunications…

Going Cloud Native: Question Your Assumptions

  Battery Ventures Technology Fellow Adrian Cockcroft headlined the latest Advanced Amazon Web Services Meetup in San Francisco last week, giving a talk on trends…

If you have too much money, you buy VMware. If you have too much time, you buy OpenStack.

Marten Mickos, CEO, Eucalyptus Systems, at GigaOm Structure, June 19, 2014

Why Every Enterprise Startup Needs a Killer UX Team

Who’s the hottest hire in Silicon Valley today? No, it’s not the data scientist, mobile app engineer, or digital marketer; it’s a user experience designer….

Smart People on Ice: Adam Jacob, the Dalai Lama of DevOps

Today we debut a new video feature on Powered by Battery called “Smart People on Ice”. The phrase is a line from the 1985 movie Real Genius,…

We missed the tablet. We missed that transition . . . We have to move where the market's moving.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, at the Code Conference, May 28, 2014

Geek Alert: Battery Sponsors SDN Meetup

Battery recently sponsored a meet-up on the Stanford University campus for a software-defined networking interest group known as the “Control Freaks.” Given Battery’s interest in…

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