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Breach Detection is Your New Must-Have, Cyber Security Tool

Authors’ Note: Following the original publication of our post about breach detection on Sept. 6, Home Depot confirmed that hackers had broken into its payment systems…

“Own” Something, Whether You’re Killing Germs or Hosting Servers

As a businessperson, my career has spanned many disciplines: Law, electronic publishing, cloud computing and, now, germ-zapping robots. (Really. More on that later.)  But each…


Whitepaper: From Farm to Fork–Investment Opportunities in Food Safety

Food safety is a huge and growing global problem, one that is sickening millions and costing governments and industries billions of dollars.  In the U.S….

Moving Beyond “Perimeter” Security to Thwart Hackers

Online security breaches are all over the news today—giant companies ranging from Target to eBay have been hacked. It proves that so-called “perimeter” security, or…

Independence Pass

Aspen Dispatch: An Uncertain Future for Low-Wage Workers

The unemployment rate is at its lowest level in nearly six years. Services like Uber and TaskRabbit are providing new, Internet-enabled ways for people to…


CEOs: Like It or Not, You’re Running a Software Company

What business is your company in? Chances are you’ll answer this question in a pretty focused way –your company is in financial services or telecommunications…

My Key to Hiring? Grit

My daughter has a high IQ. I’ve always sensed it, and eventually, proved it with a test. At least once a month we have this…

Cloudy With a Chance of Trends

Image © 2014 by Jakub Mosur, used with permission. A global land grab for dominance in the public cloud. The rise of OpenStack as a…


Managing Hypergrowth Without Sacrificing Culture: No Offices or Admins

Any truly successful entrepreneur understands that people are the backbone of a great business.  After starting three companies—and selling two of them—many have called me…

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