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All posts by Roger Lee

Roger Lee is a general partner at Battery Ventures in Silicon Valley. He focuses on the software and consumer-Internet markets.

HR Post

Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Big Data Meets HR

Big data has permeated almost all aspects of the enterprise today—from sales and marketing to product management to back-end IT. Now, the smartest companies are…

Enterprise Software in 2015: Bubbles, Box and Kim Jong-un

It was a busy and fruitful year for enterprise-software companies: Zendesk, HortonWorks and New Relic went public, while privately-held heavyweights like Box, Nutanix, Atlassian, Palantir, AppDynamics* and Cloudera…

Snapchat for the Enterprise

Two of the biggest trends in corporate IT today are BYOD—the “bring your own device” preference of employees who want to use their own phones…

Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Don’t Make the Mobile Web a Stepchild

Today’s business-software entrepreneurs must start out mobile-first, building an elegant, simple mobile app before dealing with the desktop. (It’s a topic I wrote about in…


Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Skip the Salesforce and Go Freemium to Build a $1 Billion Business

Can you build a billion-dollar enterprise software company without a sales force? Today, not only is that possible, it’s preferable – at least for some…

Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: Go Mobile-First or Die

A version of this post originally ran on TechCrunch. Seven years ago, when the iPhone was first introduced, smartphones were a novelty. Now they’re the…

Why Every Enterprise Startup Needs a Killer UX Team

Who’s the hottest hire in Silicon Valley today? No, it’s not the data scientist, mobile app engineer, or digital marketer; it’s a user experience designer….

Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook: The End of Dumb Software

For all the technological advances of our time, business software is still profoundly dumb. Most enterprise software simply serves as a tool to get a…


The Software Entrepreneur’s Playbook–How to Build a Breakout Software Company

Organizations will spend $1.3 trillion worldwide on enterprise software and services this year. If you’re an entrepreneur building a next-generation software company, you’re no doubt wondering:…


Churn And Burn: Why Customer Success Needs To Be A Board Priority

Last month I was sitting in a board meeting for one of my portfolio companies, a fast-growing software-as-a-service business serving digital marketers, and two interesting…