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All posts by Rebecca Buckman

Rebecca is Battery's vice president of communications and content.

Battery Ventures Event

Schmoozing at Strata–Photo Gallery

Entrepreneurs, CIOs, analysts, investors, data scientists and other big-data thought leaders gathered at Parcel 104 restaurant in Santa Clara in February for a cocktail hour…

Video: Duetto’s Weissman on Disrupting ‘Meat and Potatoes’ Industries, Hiring Great Tech Talent

In late March, Battery’s Mike Dauber sat down with Craig Weissman, a co-founder of Duetto, a SaaS-based, revenue-strategy company for the travel and hospitality industry….

© 2014 Photo by Jakub Mosur

Mike Dauber Interviews Colin Coleman at Structure Data

At the GigaOm Structure Data conference in New York in March, Battery Principal Mike Dauber sat down with Turner Broadcasting analytics expert Colin Coleman to…

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