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All posts by Adrian Cockcroft

Adrian is Battery's first technology fellow. He was previously the cloud architect at Netflix.


Why Did Docker Catch On So Quickly, and Why Is It Interesting?

Docker has rapidly become “the new thing” for computing in 2014. Why did that happen so quickly, and how has a Linux application container become…

Cloudy With a Chance of Trends

Image © 2014 by Jakub Mosur, used with permission. A global land grab for dominance in the public cloud. The rise of OpenStack as a…


The Real Story Behind the Cloud Price War

As part of my opening keynote March 31 at Cloud Connect in Las Vegas, I summarized the latest moves in cloud computing, including the recent price cuts…


SlideShare: Tapping the Cloud to More Quickly Deliver IT Services (and Lessons from Netflix)

There is a huge transformation going on in enterprise IT at the moment. Decades-old companies are discovering that IT–which used to be a small side…