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FTBpro is the largest fan-generated media platform in online football, enabling millions of fans across destination sites, mobile apps and social networks to contribute, participate, write and share their opinions.  Whatever your team or interest, FTBpro delivers analysis and insights from the people with the passion to start the conversation – the fans. With hundreds of articles published every day covering every major league in world football, FTBpro is the place to go to read and comment on relevant, topical and opinionated content from across the beautiful game.

The platform features innovative and interactive content creation tools, giving contributors access to beautiful article templates to create match predictions, slideshows, team line-ups, player rankings and more. Regular contributors are able to gain ‘pro’ writer status by consistently submitting high quality content to the platform, with the content from these contributors being shared prominently across the FTBpro network.

Any fan with something to say can create an account and start contributing, sharing their views with potentially millions of like-minded footy fans… so join us and let your voice be heard.