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We invest in all stages of a company’s life, are flexible in the amount we invest, and are creative when it comes to syndicating, finding alternate sources of money, and designing financing to best match your business.


It’s a great time to be an entrepreneur: getting an idea off the ground and bringing a product to market is cheaper than it’s ever been. But, it remains as challenging as ever to get it right, right out of the gate. The first 6 to 18 months of a company's life are critical, where your investor can make all the difference in getting an entrepreneur started on the path to building a market-defining company.

Battery’s Seed Program is designed for ideas in the earliest phase of development, who are looking for $50K-$1M in initial funding. It may be the idea of a first-time entrepreneur, or a sixth-time entrepreneur. The idea is to quickly prove a concept or build a prototype, and then fully fund the business once the team knows more. We often syndicate with other VCs or angels to fund a larger round; regardless of the amount invested or the syndicate, we use our 30 years of experience building hundreds of companies to actively guide young companies through their earliest challenges and initial growth stages. Many of our Seed companies go on to build larger businesses, and many have been acquired by well known brands ~ Fab.com, Klout, LinkedIn and Zynga, to name a few ~ where they go on to thrive.

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We have been dedicated to early stage investing since our inception 30 years ago, and have been fortunate to find and back pioneers in large and interesting markets. We are typically the first institutional investor in our Early Stage portfolio. These investments usually range from $5M - $15M, but we have the flexibility and deep pockets to support our companies as they move through different phases in the life of their business.

Battery is often the most passionate board member around the table, and we work tirelessly alongside entrepreneurs even before we write the first check. We understand, however, that there is a world of difference between supporting you and doing your job, and we respect that boundary. We consider ourselves facilitators, catalysts for change, and hard working partners who can open important doors and help with strategic decisions. But we don’t want to run your company. That’s the fun part, and it belongs to the founders and team members who push things forward every day.

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Our team invests in fast-growing companies with strong market positions, significant revenue traction, and clear momentum. Often these companies are self-funded and profitable, and at first glance, don’t appear to need investors. What becomes quickly clear, however, is the speed and agility a great partner and a cash infusion can deliver, as a team works to capture opportunity in crowded, dynamic markets. Our venture heritage makes us a great partner in growth situations, with the mindset and experience to assume – and navigate through – risk, not just financially engineer.

While we are always flexible in check size, these investments tend to range from $20M - $100M. We are often the first institutional investor, providing capital for expansion, acquisitions, and/or shareholder liquidity, and we continue to invest in our companies leading up to their IPOs and beyond. We are adept at all types of deal structures, and are creative and flexible enough to structure financings to meet the unique needs of founding teams. We are generally the most engaged board member around the table, working tirelessly to help founders and management teams reach their long-term goals. Both before we invest and after, we are side-by-side with you - refining strategic plans, expanding into new markets or product lines, elevating sales and marketing efforts, recruiting senior team members, outside advisors and directors, and positioning you for an IPO or strategic sale.

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Since the days of our first fund in the mid-1980s, Battery has had a long history of technology-based Buyout investments. Our team has significant experience working with management teams to accelerate change, tap new markets, re-orient businesses, and build platforms through acquisitions. We embrace complex situations, and regularly execute buyouts of private and public companies as well as carve-outs of business units from larger organizations. We have a deep bench of industry experts who can advise on operating improvements or complete a management team where needed.

Unlike most Buyout strategies, we do not have requirements for EBITDA minimums and we often take control of a business with little or no existing cash flow. We generally invest in companies with revenue of $20M to $200M. We are always flexible in the amount invested, and are able to speak for more than $100M in equity.

Battery’s approach is to pursue undervalued companies that have a readily identifiable catalyst to unlock value. So apart from capital, the most important asset we supply is a unique blend of deep technology knowledge, business model understanding, and long-term perspective on value creation. From nearly 30 years in the industry, we have developed an intimate working knowledge of customers, competition, underlying technologies, and overall market dynamics. Our team's skills, connections and expertise in company building are of crucial importance in these complex situations.

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